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  1. Yeah. That worked. In reality, they messed up the credits on the emails. The first one listed no credits applied and the third passenger for free. The second listed two credits, one for the total amount, and one for a partial amount. The third again listed no credits, but was reduced another full credit amount. I called and the truth was in the middle of sorts. They did apply credit to the third person first which dropped them to zero but as the receipt show no notation of credit, and given the third person was so close to the zero amount already, the cruise fare value barely changed an
  2. We received our FCC for our cruise fare the other day. It was correct for 125% of the fair. I called C&A and they said they applied it to our next cruise. I got the approval of the credit application yesterday and low and behold, it's short 1405. They only credited the fare on the the first two passengers. Apparently our DS who was the third on the booking only cost a dollar when we booked onboard on one of our last cruises. So if you are booking with more than two people, especially right now since it's kids sale for free, you can't even use the credit for it. I have no plans to ta
  3. We received our 125% for the onboard credits, which was correct, but still have not received the remaining balance to the cruise fcc that we were shorted. Giving them one more day before calling.
  4. Agree. Us too. When I called originally back in March when our April cruise was cancelled, I asked the rep about the 125% OBC. He said we'd get a seperate credit number/email that can be used for anything. No disclosure in the email or by him that it was only good for being onboard and not ahead of time.
  5. Our group of ten received our FCC's for our canceled April sailing on Freedom. With just my booking, cruise fare was 3370 (taxes and port charges were already refunded). With the 25% extra, we should be receiving 4212. We received three individual credits of 469 each which is only 1407 and grossly short of what we are due. The others in our group had similar small credits on their booking numbers and not anywhere close to what they paid. Anyone else having this same issue?
  6. Our Feb 2021 cruise on OoS still shows DDP as 89 pp/pd
  7. She sailed empty. Arrived at Pan American Pier this morning.
  8. Assuming Gatorade/Powerade/Vitaminwater under 17 oz is ok?
  9. I've stayed in 1406. No noise. No breeze either. Gets hot on the balcony. And it's funny that it was mentioned to book a 3rd and have a no show. We always are 3 and book a 4 JS (or GS). Friends of ours wanted to book an OV for Freedom in April and come with us. They were 3 but Royal would allow them to book an OV unless they were 2 or 4. If they wanted 3, they were only allowed to book a JS (yes I faked this booked to confirm this was the case). So they booked a 4 with a 4th and will just have a ghost show up. And it was about 1k cheaper for 4 than 3. Made me think of a
  10. Anyone have a connection? Seems every other ship in drydock has someone working there that posts pictures. Haven't seen one of Freedom yet.
  11. DW and I will be on Freedom mid April and would be in line for our first block. Do they do it at the Top Tier event on Freedom on in room? Asking because we are in a larger group with a bunch of people that are just Gold (or it's their first cruise all together). Also curious if we'll get one that looks like the redone Freedom or the current (and soon to be old) Freedom. I'll say the later on that one.
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