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  1. Any information on when this will air in the US? I normally record Mighty Cruise Ships, but have to manually catch them on the guide since the original air dates are not current (original dates in Canada) and my dvr is set to record first run episodes so it ends up ignoring it when its first run in the US.
  2. We are booked on Freedom for April 2020. I thought Allure was getting her refurb after Freedom, but all the details on that one have already been released.
  3. Likely mean just a rename. Back to Giovannis perhaps?
  4. Not sure if this was brought up anywhere in this long thread...but considering priority embarkation and disembarkation is supposed to be part of the D perks, what do you think about Royal allowing people to buy their way into that? Do you think, long term, it's going to devalue the perk if they know they can just pay a few bucks to jump the line and as a consequence, travelers that earned their way to that point get pushed further back?
  5. Are they going to install dolphins on the end of the pier at Coco Cay to accommodate the longer ships? Mariner is just over 1k feet and Athem is 110 feet longer. Looking at the picture, the bow line looks really tight back toward the aft. More so than other piers. And it looks like there is a good amount of hull that extends past the front of the pier. Could be the angle of the picture. But would imagine they still have to provide some sort of mooring for the longer ships.
  6. Just off Symphony and had UDP. Playmakers, no. JRs, yes.
  7. It was 35pp last week on Symphony. That was 5 rolls for my wife and I. MORE than enough for two.
  8. Leaving on Symphony on Saturday and have the Ultimate Dining Package. Looking for a definitive answer if Playmakers is covered or not. Searched and only find old threads that it was hit or miss. Hopefully there is someone out there with a recent experience. Thanks.
  9. Be interested too as we have it on Symphony for Feb.
  10. On Symphony in February and stopping in St Thomas. Believe we've settled on Saphire Beach for the day. Docks at Crown and we are there 7am to 4pm. It's two adults and one child. Would like a lounger when we get there. Looks like it's about 13 per person (with tip) for taxi there (26 pp r/t) and 9 pp for loungers. Royal has an excursion to Saphire (STF5) that's 36 per adult and 27 per child. Same beach. Both have loungers. Differences...Royal's excursion is 3.5 totals and lists only 2.5 hours at the beach (looks like they bank 1 hour r/t for their "scenic drive"). Also doesn't list a drink in the description, but the video on the site does. With the taxi, I could be there 4, 5, 6 hours (pretty much till the little one is done with the sun). Total for Royal's is 99 while taxi is about 107. Opinions?
  11. Thanks all. Now you have me thinking about Sapphire.
  12. Thanks. I'll have to start looking there instead of SH which is what I had been to this point.
  13. Looking for beach advice for February stop with three ships in port. Secret Harbour, Emerald, or Saphire beach? We are on Symphony so we'll be docking at Crown. Not sure what's the most economical to get to and has a good beach, chair rental, place to eat, and bathroom for the boy. Thanks.
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