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  1. Re 'It's quite clear what you get '. except that it isn't. On the website and in any communication from them it mentions 'selected' drinks, Not 'house spirits only' and 'cocktail of the day only' or 'non branded Irish cream liquor.'. the word 'selected' implies that there is selection (to choose from) but there isn't. If this had been clear we would not have taken the package.
  2. Package options were:- Heineken, Stella and Moretti on tap (to be honest, I couldn't taste the difference between the Stella and Moretti). Others were available for 50% of cost. Strongbow and Somersby cider were also included
  3. You can get glasses of tap water at the bars. We used to fill our own water bottles up from the fountain in the gym. You can, of course, buy bottled water. They are large glass bottles though so a bit heavy to carry around.
  4. My wife and I went on the cruise to Iceland recently on the Balmoral. The cruise itself was good, and the ship was fine, however the ‘All Inclusive’ (sic) package was the worst we have ever experienced. It is the ONLY AI package we have experienced that doesn’t include:- · Wifi · Bottled water! · Cocktails (unless you happen to like the extremely weak cocktail of the day.) · Mocktails · Liquors (unless you like a cheap version of Baileys) · Bourbon · Irish whiskey · White Rum · Sherry · Port The beer component included 2 lagers, an amber ale and Newcastle Brown – but you had to pay extra if your preferred beer was bitter. The white wine selection was 1 SB and 2 types of chardonnay but no PG – which was available at an additional cost. By far the worse component though was the ‘selection’ of spirits. There was no selection, the package inclusions were all cheap ‘no brand’ spirits. (For instance, the Whisky was from China). Also, other cruise lines charge the difference between the package price of a drink and actual price when upgrading to more expensive drink choices, Fred Olsen charge 50% of the total price. There was also a drastic shortage of quiz games / parlour games. I am referring to ‘audience participation’ type games, not the shows. My wife and I are enthusiastic participants. Every cruise we have ever been on (over 25) includes at least 1 such game on every sea day – sometimes more frequently. The only such games on this cruise were 1 game of ‘Scattegories’ and 1 of ‘Majority Rules’, both of which were held at 23.30 hours when the vast majority of passengers had already retired.
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