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  1. I am cruising with my daughter. Thanks
  2. Has anyone been in this cabin? It is sideways and the beds are in a weird Configuration. I’m getting a bit anxious about it. Please tell me the good points. Thanks
  3. We are looking at booking a resort for a day on disembarkation day. Which one have you done and which is your favorite? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Everyone I really appreciate it!!!!!!!
  5. Can someone please post specific instructions on how to get to the Ferry for Honeymoon Beach. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Yay! Can’t wait to hear more! Enjoy
  7. My daughter and I did a half day in the Sanctuary last July and we couldn't wait to leave. It was so hot and stuffy up there on that day. If it had been cooler weather we probably would have booked another day. The chairs were so plush and service up there was really good.
  8. Yikes the cushions are not like the old ones. We will skip the Sanctuary this trip! Enjoy your voyage we will be on her June 1st.
  9. Do you happen to know how much the Spa Pass for the week was? Thermal Suite? Thanks!
  10. We were on Caribbean last July and when we came back from port it was installed on our door. I thought it was very cool. I can't wait to sail this June now that it is fully functional. I know my 20 year old daughter will love it. I will love knowing where she is at all times. Lol
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