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  1. I'm real disappointed with myself for missing Liberty's first arrival. :( I haven't even thought about it recently until someone on another internet forum posted that he was going on a cruise soon.
  2. I haven't seen the webcams with a ship on camera in over a month until today. Apparently I missed Carnival Freedom's arrival yesterday.
  3. Still planning to watch Allure depart from the beach today even though the water is too rough to get in. It is very windy in Fort Lauderdale right now. :eek:
  4. Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and Lee as well. Looks like I barely missed Navigator depart today (as I expected unless Nav was late). ------------- Forgot to specify in my previous post that the Emerald Princess screenshot was from last Sunday as well.
  5. Emerald Princess headed to the Gulf of Mexico from Houston: A screenshot of Navigator mid-turn last Sunday evening: Navigator approaching Harbor House Hotel: The above pictures should link to other screenshots. ------------------ I won't be around to watch the ships depart tomorrow afternoon unless they are late. I'm holding off on requesting a username change until next week or the week after.
  6. I have outgrown my current username, however. :o I hope GCG and his family is okay.
  7. 2.5 hours late and counting... Ships rarely leave this late unless there is heavy fog, which is not the case right now. ----- EDIT: Forgot to mention that I saw Emerald Princess coming down from Houston on the Emerald Cam several minutes ago.
  8. One of Navigator's lifeboats was in the water until a few minutes ago. It's not unusual for Navigator to be late for whatever reason.
  9. Navigator has not turned yet, so this afternoon's sailaway should be interesting. ---------- My dad moved to Miami a few months ago, so I'm hoping to visit him sometime this January. My college has two weeks off after New Years to cram in a winter semester, and airfare to/from Fort Lauderdale is cheap then. Hoping to see ships there as well if I end up going.
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't visited this forum in a while. I'm 20 and in college, so it's probably time for a username change.
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