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  1. I know we were very late boarding but no worries because people watching is fine.
  2. Waiting and watching people is a favorite activity of mine. A year ago we took a last minute Disney Cruise due to odd circumstances. We booked 5 days before the ship sailed. They give you a check in time and stick to it. I think ours was at 3 and the ship left at 4. We were there early with no chance to board early. Best cruise wait ever watching all the family matching tee shirts. My vacation starts as soon as the car leaves the house so waiting for planes, trains and automobiles is no big deal. I hope you don’t have to wait to long and enjoy your cruise.
  3. I know this has been discussed in the past but I was not able to find any of the treads. For it the first time we have the drink package as a perk (before the new $14 fee). I know we paid for the perk with a higher cruise fare. Do you tip a dollar or two for drinks you get at a bar? What about for coffees and tea? I have no issue with additional tipping but wonder what others do? Also do folks tip if they don’t have the package and getting free drinks if Elite during the 5-7 happy hour? Thanks!
  4. Husband and I have differing opinions and need expert advice. We are sailing from Barcelona to FLL and staying on to the Caribbean. He thinks we may have to through customs when we first arrive in FLL. I said it can’t be because we don’t take our luggage off the ship. Thoughts. On a a similar note ... can he leave the ship in FLL and head to Publex and reboard without standing in all the lines.
  5. It came with the fare we booked. I know it’s extremely stupid. We have been on 15+ cruises and NEVER get a drink package. My husband enjoys a drink in the evening but it would never make sense for us. Maybe we just have Premium and not Premium +, I need to check on that. I figured I should use it as much as possible 😉
  6. We have the Premium+ package ... I was wondering what items I can get ... Thanks.
  7. Question for experienced cruisers — Internet, texts, messenger and Facebook. We will have the Internet package and I wanted to confirm that as long as I put my phone on airplane mode I can use them without any additional fees? I’d love to call my dad once or twice to check in besides email. Is there an inexpensive way to do this from the ship. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. Does anyone know what a bag of laundry costs? As Elite, does each person or is it each cabin gets a bag of laundry? If you are on a 13 day cruise as Elite do you get an extra bag because of duration. Thanks so much.
  9. I was wondering if anyone has been to Nassau after the terrible storm in the Bahamas. I’m sure the government and local citizens are doing all they can to help those who have lost their homes and livelihood. We will be there on Sunday, November 17, from 10-6, along with six other ships. I was wondering if anyone knew of a volunteer opportunity we could take part of while in port. I would feel badly just doing excursions or having lunch but wonder if that helps by bringing some normalcy or cash. I ask not to stir up any controversy but wanted to do the right thi
  10. Hi. We are loyal Celebrity cruisers and now retired and have more time. Some of the longer cruises with Holland intrigue us. We would book a verandah or higher for 21 day cruise. Could anyone give me insights on the differences between Celebrity and Holland and anything I should consider.
  11. I love the Onion Soup. Many nights I have a salad and soup for dinner. 😋
  12. We are recently retired and plan on traveling quite a bit. At least two cruise and two-theee trips a year overseas and around the US. We always purchase trip insurance for our cruises. We have excellent insurance through BlueCross/BlueShield. My concern is mainly for medical and medical transport if we are visiting a country before a cruise. For example we are going to visit throughout Spain before our Fall Transatlantic. How do you handle the insurance for something like this ... by trip or for a year. Any information would be great.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think I’ll go down to 6 specialty.
  14. The MDR has some starters that you can always get ... tossed salad or shrimp. Will I be able to get these in Blu. Same with Salmon ... just wondering. Thanks.
  15. We always enjoy the Specialty restaurants and I bought a 7 night package for our 13 day Transatlantic. We just moved to Blu so was thinking I should cut back on specialty for this cruise ... we’ve never been to Blu. We especially like the personalized service in the specialty. Thoughts.
  16. We have never sailed with a beverage package for many reasons but our next trip we will have the package. Do you tip for drinks at the bar, restaurants and Cafe. We want to be sure we are doing the right thing. My opinion would be to tip.
  17. We are on a 13 Transatlantic in November in AQ (which is quite a bargain). Today I checked on adding 4 perks and it was $600 a person. The on-board credit is $150 and the gratuities are $195 plus free internet for two and premium drink package. It was easy to take the offer.
  18. Thank you for all your advice. I moved to AQ1 for an additional $68 pp for a thirteen day Transatlantic. Just the savings for Persian Garden well makes up the difference.
  19. If you are Elite can you book AQ1 and pay AQ2 price. We can book AQ1 for 200 more per person for 13 day cruise but A2 is what we are paying for CC today. Plus husband loves Persian Garden so we wouldn’t have to purchase him a length of pass cruise. We’ve never done AQ so we’d use Persian Garden. Is Blu good for dinner?
  20. Wondering if I could cancel and rebook and get points. Hmmm ... I sent an email to my travel agent.
  21. Last night my husband and I stumbled across a Love Boat episode. A women decided she wanted fresh air and went to the “Lido” deck to sleep for the night. I said to my husband “wonder if you can do that?” He replied “we’re never up late enough or early enough to know”. We laughed and he said “you should ask CruiseCritic. So hear goes ... I was thinking this would be a great idea for the chair hog to get the perfect chair.
  22. A few weeks ago there were sales on excursions but I hadn’t decided what we wanted to do yet. Of course I’ve now decided. I have two cruises in November so have plenty of time ... does anyone know how often these Celebrity offers pop up on excursions. I normally book private excursions but there are a few places we’ve decided to use Celebrity excursions because of time and distance. Thanks so much.
  23. We boarded the Equinox today and I'll put on my blog later all about our day BUT this is to good not to share right now. All our luggage arrived except mine ... we got a call from Guest Relations telling us my bag was being held and we (meaning Charlie) had to go to Deck 2 (aka the Naughty Room) to claim it. Charlie quizzed (interrogated) me to see what contraband I could have brought on board. I replied, "I followed all the rules". I know he didn't believe me and I couldn't imagine what I could possibly have done wrong. He arrived at the Naughty Room and told the crew he was ther
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