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  1. We will be in Spain for a week, a TA cruise for 13 days and continuing on a Caribbean cruise. We thought we might make a quick run to the Publix near the port to grab some things while in Fort Lauderdale. Is there an easy process for someone to get back on the ship without going through all the different lines. Has anyone done this?
  2. We are on a 13 day TA and an 11 day Caribbean ... I’m trying to find out if we get the B2B on both the cruises. Thanks.
  3. We are going on our first B2B and excited. I know Celebrity gave us a $100 credit for our second leg? Should they be giving it for our first leg? Also, is this credit person or cabin. Thanks for all your assistance.
  4. Can anyone tell me price of Costa Maya. How much is taxi from port. Thanks so much.
  5. A few weeks ago there were sales on excursions but I hadn’t decided what we wanted to do yet. Of course I’ve now decided. I have two cruises in November so have plenty of time ... does anyone know how often these Celebrity offers pop up on excursions. I normally book private excursions but there are a few places we’ve decided to use Celebrity excursions because of time and distance. Thanks so much.
  6. For the first time we are doing a B2B ... Transatlantic for 13 days and then 11 in the Caribbean on Reflection in the Fall. Plus we got same cabin (slant 1A) for both cruises. Can anyone tell me the what we’ll need to do in Fort Lauderdale? Thanks so much.
  7. Does anyone know how much the Lawn Club for lunch is. We are going yo be on a TA and thought it would be a nice change for a day or two.
  8. I never had an opinion on decorate or not decorate your door until recently. We have taken many Celebrity cruises and I would see a banner here or there and would smile to myself. We just took a Disney Fantasy Cruise and many many cabins were decorated. Some were elaborate and some simple. We joined the crowd and decorated with something small. I can’t tell you how much I loved being able to find my cabin easier plus it was fun seeing others creativity. I’ll do something small and tasteful in the future.
  9. Just booked 24 days at sea! I can’t believe I added the Ultimate Caribbean to our TA. We have always wanted to stay on the ship for another cruise and now is our chance. So much planning to do. We’re going to add Madrid and Barcelona before the ship sails. I’m still working on insurance claims from our canceled TA and few weeks in Ireland this spring but now I’ve got something to look forward to.
  10. We have had to cancel a much anticipated TA and tour of Ireland which was to begin on Monday. My mom is in her final days and we need to be here for both my mom and dad. We are in Florida and I thought it might be nice to go on a quick cruise in a few weeks (3-5) from now to decompress. We are loyal celebrity cruisers and sail in CC or SS when possible and enjoy great service and specialty restaurants. Celebrity doesn’t seem to have any cruises out of Florida in May and neither does Holland. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for us. Thanks so much.
  11. Thank you so much. We’re both elite so thinking we’ll be fine.
  12. We are going on TA and then gone for two more weeks. I know we get one bag for being Elite. Is there a specific number of items or can you fill the bag? I’m sure we’ll have another bag ... does anyone know the cost. Thanks so much.
  13. My husband won’t let me but ... about 8 in the morning I want to move everyone’s things ... hat to one chair, shoe to another on the other side with someone else’s book and on and on. Mass chaos. I can dream.
  14. The difference for my 14 day cruise is $104 so going to stay with unlimited. Happy they have an alternative though.
  15. Can someone tell me the differences in unlimited and surf. Thanks so much.
  16. Years ago we requested a table change from a table for 8. One of the men drank, and drank some more and constantly was abusive of his wife. The next night we were moved to a table for 6 and another couple from first night table were there. Obviously we went the only ones that wanted to try away from first night table.
  17. So happy it worked out. Enjoy your cruise.
  18. Enjoy every minute of our cruise relaxing. Wander of the ship late with no worries. Head to airport with no rushing. Get through security and find yourself a nice restaurant or bar. Enjoy a beverage and talk about your wonderful trip. Tomorrow is another day back in the real world.
  19. How do I sign up to get the exciting deals emails. DH retiring soon so can take advantage of deals.
  20. I’m curious what insurance companies you have used for travel insurance when on a land vacation. We are touring Ireland for 14 days after a cruise. World Nomands was suggested but I’d love to hear from you! Do you recommend anyone or want to steer me away from someone. Thanks for all your help.
  21. I did and we’re booked. Thanks so much.
  22. Just curious who can use it and how you get there?
  23. I tried but was unable to find it. I’ll try again tomorrow from a desktop.
  24. We just were assigned 2162 as our suite guarantee. Can anyone tell me about the cabin. Any thoughts world be welcome.
  25. We haven’t sailed in a suite for years — well before the Michael’s Club and Luminae. I just sprugled for DH retirement for our April TA to a suite guanantee. I’m assuming we will have a Sky Suite. Some posts say we can have at Luminae on boarding day and others say no — wondering which. Is Michaels open on boarding day? Can you stop in during the day for a glass of wine? Are you able to take wine out in the evening? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
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