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  1. We did this tour in early March. I would say it was 'so-so'. Personally I would not choose to do it again. It was no bad, per se. But if I had a choice on where to spend my day, I would not do this excursion again. We found the crew on the boat seemed more interested in partying with themselves than makings sure the guests were taken care of. They were dancing and singing up a storm. Also, on every excursion I've been on in the Caribbean the crew always helps you back into the boat after snorkeling. Usually they take your mask, flippers, and offer you a hand up. Here they did not. You were on your own. And this was the first excursion I've ever been on where you had to sign out the mask and the flippers to make sure you return them!
  2. Hi all, My husband just called and talked to Ringo today (1/24/19). He was able to reserve a time slot for us directly (not through a cruise ship) for $145 each for the 30 min session. Lifesabanquet - you may want to call back if you're still interested in doing it. Also Ringo said it is either an easy walk or a $10pp taxi depending on which port we are docked to get to the Emerald Beach Resort where they are located.
  3. That's too bad to hear you can only book it through Royal Caribbean. We are coming in on Princess so I guess we can't do it based on what he told you.
  4. Does anyone know how much a taxi would be (and how long the ride is) from the port to wherever you meet St. Thomas Flyboarding? It doesn't sound like they provide transportation. I sent an email asking via their website yesterday but have not heard back. Just trying to understand what the full cost will be for two. It's already pretty expensive at $145 for 30 minutes but we would really like to try it.
  5. My husband and I did the hike 5 years ago using Spencer Ambrose. We loved it. We took a speed boat to the base and he had a guide there waiting for us. Wonderful young man named Cameron. It was a tough but amazing climb. Absolutely beautiful and it felt like such an accomplishment when you got to the top. The only reason I haven't booked it again for our upcoming cruise is he has added a $180 refundable late transport fee (plus a non-refundable $10 PayPal fee). My understanding is he had issues with people not getting back down in time to meet the speed boat so he has to send another one later, which adds cost. So to 'incent' you to get back down on time he's added the $180. Well maybe not incent you, but to cover his costs. It's understandable but made me too nervous to book. The cost of the excursion is $150/person plus $1/person transaction fee. We did it before he had the late transport fee but got down in time anyway. Then they pick you up in the speed boat, you get taken to a beach, we had lunch, snorkeled and then they took you back to the ship. A wonderful day.
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