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  1. Now I realize how accidentally lucky I was last year to take the cruise from Vancouver.
  2. On one of our Regent cruises we were told be a crew member that the fund was used to take 40 of them to a day time LA Lakers game.
  3. Deck is squishy in several spots. Lots of large potted plant covering some areas. Glad it’s not crowded near the pool because it would be inconvenient. Cruise has been great so far though.
  4. We board on Friday and if I get the opportunity I will post about the condition of the deck.
  5. Not this will anyone, but a recent post dry dock Regent Mariner cruise a lot of time was spent be the staff repairing the deck which also seemed to be warping in a few spots.
  6. Well that is a disappointment
  7. I asked on an earlier thread and did not get an answer; Does anyone know if they will cook salmon you catch in Alaska on the ship?
  8. If you go fishing in Alaska while on your cruise, will the dining room cook up you catch?
  9. We were on the same cruise and though it is hard to put a finger on the exact cause it was not up to the standard we experienced on our prior Regent cruise. Service seemed perfunctory and forced. Everything was just kinda of OK and for the $ things should just be OK. It was enough for us to switch our upcoming Alaska cruise to Seabourn, which we will be on for the second time.
  10. Looking at Northbound Alaska and on the starboard side they only have cabins 915 and 9025 available. 915 is near the elevators and 925 is near the Sky Bar, where I believe they still allow smoking (makes DW sick) .. Any comments or suggestions? Also all the port side suites are still open. Thanks.
  11. Mariner Cabin # Category Reviewed By Mo/Yr Reviewed Port/Starboard/Mid Fwd/Mid/Aft Sq Ft (if known) Cabin/Balcony # Bathrooms Tub/Shower/Both/Combination Noise issues? Recommend? Comments/positives/negatives/concerns 927 Penthouse B MPCakes May 2018 Starboard Mid 1 Tub/Shower Combo Very Quiet Maybe Great Location. Shower/Tub Combo was not great. Tub wall must have 24 inches high. Room was nice after the 04/18 Refurb.
  12. Kept trying to guess who you were Ronrick. Never found you though.
  13. Thank you for your replies. I think one of our concerns based on this cruise is the 18 day length skewed the age a little higher. This is our 4th Regent cruise and we are very a very active family (we run several half marathons a year together). Thinking the excursions will be great. This cruise has had a few too many sea days (some unplanned). Just looked at the Horizon Suite we have reserved and that might have pushed Regent over the top. Thanks again.
  14. Currently on the Mariner Transcanal. Found demographic much older than we are. Worried that the cruise we have planned for Alaska in September will be a problem for our 28 year old daughter and her boyfriend. Should we switch to Oceania?
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