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    Internet Choices

    Can someone please tell me what the difference is between "Concierge Internet" and "Olife Choice Free Internet"? I haven't cruised on Oceania in quite a few years and the last time I did, it was pay by the minute.....
  2. heidik

    Complimentary pressing service - PH

    Thank you! I am looking forward to my first Crystal cruise!
  3. Can someone please advise if the pressing service for PH has a limit to number of items? Or can a whole bunch of items be pressed as part of this service? Thank you!
  4. What a nice review -- thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
  5. I think it looks gimmicky - gaudy - and appears to be "trying too hard" -- I have not seen anything that makes me want to run and book on this new ship. I'm very happy with my Celebrity suite on the Reflection. I prefer "elegance" as opposed to "hip" which is the feeling I get from this new design.
  6. Thanks but I can't get into my documents at all online to show anything. I printed out the front page of the "ticket booklet" which appears to be "proof" that I paid, etc.....and I received my luggage tags in the mail.....I'm not going to stress over it. Just gonna apologize now to anyone who may end up in line behind me when at the boarding desk -- sorry!
  7. I generally print the boarding pass right from my account and usually do it when I'm packing and getting everything together. For this particular cruise leaving 11/20, I had completed the online check-in a couple weeks ago, had gone to print out my boarding pass this morning and it says "online check-in closed" because it is 3 days before the sail date. So.........long story short, has anyone had the experience of getting on board without this document in hand already? Am I still able to "check in manually" in person when I go to board? Probably not a big deal, but have never shown up to board "unprepared" like this.... :o P.S. I had called the Celebrity Concierge earlier today, she could not get into my docs either and said the system was down and to try later, but I'm still not able to get into check-in.
  8. posted in wrong forum
  9. heidik

    Internet Choices

    [FONT=Times New Roman]Can someone please explain what the difference is between these two choices that are being shown on a cruise I am considering: Concierge Level Internet Benefit vs Complimentary Internet Package Thank you! [/FONT]
  10. OP here, thank you everyone for a most enlightening experience. Happy sailing!
  11. [quote name='obxgirl']I am a little confused. You said that you are Elite. Did you take your 180 free minutes per cabin (two people)? You should get that number of minutes per cruise. I guess you must be working a lot.[/quote] I am a single and you have no choice about the 90 Elite free minutes -- you have to use them first and then have the option of purchasing a package. The coupon in the Elite package is no longer used for redemption
  12. I'm on the Reflection right now and was also last week. Last week we had zero AT&T cell signal from Miami until we arrived in Puerto Rico! But now this week, we had Cellular at Sea the entire way, so I guess it is now finally resolved on the Reflection......must be cuz I commented about this problem on my Survey :D
  13. Yes, it is brand new and it is very expensive if you are doing 7-day cruises.....I'm not sure what is offered on a longer-length cruise, but I am paying $1200 for this trip.....I think it actually works out as a better "deal" if one is a Classic cruiser and gets the 20% discount off of the minutes they've used......90 minutes free as an Elite does not have benefit when you have to purchase the unlimited. The other packages now are daily and I think per minutes...I'd have to recheck at the beginning of my next leg.
  14. Thank you very much for understanding my question! As a business owner, I give gifts to my clients in appreciation for loyalty, etc. -- it is common business practice and it is important to make sure your client receives a gift that is meaningful. It's just common sense. My whole question revolved around notifying Celebrity that their new internet package offering makes this particular gift "valueless" for some clients. Just as I (and others that I know) ask for something other than the welcome bottle and other alcohol "perks" because I don't drink alcohol, I would think Celebrity would want to ensure that their nice gestures "hit the mark" if their intent is to thank their client for being a repeat customer.
  15. Please allow me to add that I am not being sarcastic or "snarky" here, I appreciate the gift and have used this before on b2b's -- it is automatically given to you when you complete the Survey at the end of the first cruise.....my question revolves around the "value" now that there is unlimited internet packages available. That is all. Of course I am grateful for the gift - that was never the question or concern here.....