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    Acapulco suggestions?

    A little late to this thread and quite some time since posting on CC but I've just wrapped up a terrific 2 week vacation and would not hesitate ever in returning. As a matter of fact this is the 10th straight year that my wife and I have visited and till 2 years ago we had taken our daughter's as well. They are too old now to hang with mom and dad lol. Aca has its issues and they won't dissappear tomorrow BUT do leave the ship there is so much to experience we still do so many touristy things. After the papal visit the federal police returned to there Acapulco duties of protecting the population and of course the tourists. I've seen soldiers since the late 1980'S and I say good morning to them every morning to smiles. This is a terrific port of call the USD is so strong now and the cost of dining out for a US traveler is wonderful. Unlike other Mexican resort cities Acapulco caters to its nationals not alot of foreign tourist like Cancun, PV and so many others that will raise there prices to compensate for the strong dollar. In 2 weeks in a high end restaurant my most costly dinner for 2 was about 51 USD plus tip. And cheapest about 20 bucks lol. Wonderful people who are eager to please. Anyone coming in who wants a good dinner spot Terra Luna right on the golf course is out of this world. I don't check in much here but trip advisor is a great spot as well for reliable Aca news as well.