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  1. Thanks. I'll try that. The reservation agent was very rude and insisted that the only way to get a reservation for three, before sailing, was to book for four. AND, she was insistant that if I booked for four I would be charged for four. I don't understand why the system only offers seats in even numbers. Anyway, I just went on and booked tables for four, and I will confirm on the ship that we are only three.
  2. On an upcoming cruise , I have the three night Specialty dining package. When I try to book meal times in advance, the system only gives table sizes for most restaurants in even number sizes, but we have three people in our cabin. When I phoned Norwegian's reservation system, they said that if I want to book a table for three in advance then I would have to book and pay for four, and that if I only want to pay for three I shouldn't book any restaurants in advance and wait until I'm on board on embarkation day. However, they said that they couldn't guarantee what days, times, or restaurants would still be available then. If a table for four is available, why wouldn't it be available for three?
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