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  1. They will use the cheapest flight they can find. In December, we had a simple return flight from LAX to Phoenix. They booked our return flight at ** 8pm ** making us wait in the airport for 12 hours. The difference in cost was about $21 from an earlier flight and yes there were multiple flights available much earlier when they booked. We fortunately were able to rent a car and got home hours before the flight took off. Of course, the 8pm flight didn't board until 9:15. I hope you fare better.
  2. Before you buy extra minutes...the quality of the internet on the Bliss (all NCL?) was bad most of the time. The one time I tried speedtest it came in at 2mbps. Using the NCL app was always quick and available and messaging worked well. If you plan on any significant browsing you may want to try it out before you buy extra minutes. I gave up on simple browsing. Note: streaming is not permitted, more like not possible (probably unless you buy the upgraded internet speed for like $70 day). Also note: closing the browser, or turning off wifi, does not log you off the NCL servers. I heard several people saying they used their 150 minutes but we're not on the internet that long. They didn't read the info in the cabin. In the browser type: loginnow.com. (to log in) logoutnow.com (to end your session and stop minutes from accruing)
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