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  1. Does anyone have a picture?Are they going for a new look?
  2. Thanks for the dailies..do u know what nights prime rib was served?either in dining room or pub?..any pictures of the ship?Thanks for posting :)
  3. Thanks for info..do you have the dailies?if so can u post them so I can see what times entertainment was..thanks
  4. We have newbees traveling with us and will want to get a picture with the captian all dressed up and my luck we will have the Japanese restaurant booked that night and we will not be dressing up that night lol I am a planner and like the fact that u can make reservations ahead..there will be 10 in our group so I know it's best to book a table ahead
  5. We are sailing on the gem 11 day cruise in April ..hoping to make 3 speciality dining reservations but not wanting to book when the dress up or not are...we like to go to dining room those nights..any help would be greatly appreciated 😊
  6. Hope your having a great time..would you mind posting a pic of some of the Freestyle Daily and can you tell me what nights prime rib is offered in the free dining?Just trying to decide what nights to book specialty dining ..thanks so much :)
  7. Can you post the patters please would love to see them..we sail on her in Oct..our first time on princess in almost 10 years :)
  8. Can you post the princess patters if you kept them..thanks so much :)
  9. Are you able to post them larger?Thanks so much for your trouble :)
  10. Thanks for posting them but I'm not able to read them,its to blurry on my iPad when I blow them up :( not sure how else to view them?
  11. Did you keep any "celebrity life" handouts?Can you post them if you did?we are sailing April 17th for the first time with Celebrity and hoping for fun filled nights :)
  12. Do you know if the 3 resturant package was available to buy on the ship?If so how much?Thanks for any info
  13. Thanks Sooo much for posting the dailys ...looks we will have a fun time..lots to do :)
  14. Do you have any copies of the daily?Would love to see them if you do..We are sailing in April and first time with Celebrity 😊 thanks in advance Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
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