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  1. We booked a Dec 2020 cruise last year. Was just wondering everyones opinions on this but my job already stated they may have anyone taking cruise vacations be required to stay home after cruise for 2 weeks. Then I heard on the news about possible regulations on not allowing cruise people on airplanes after cruises? Or maybe I heard that wrong? Any ideas of what may be coming? I'm also wondering if cruise pricing may start going up because of new cleaning protocol after each cruise to offset cost. I can see them doing a full scrub down, maybe with a day between cruises.
  2. only if stocks stay under $10 by the time we get the checks lol
  3. No cruises for 2020 out of SF? Do they not cruise past a certain month? Worried about my December cruise out of Galveston.
  4. Perfect! Thanks again for everyones responses.
  5. Thanks so much for all the answers! Second question to those who have used the OBC perk, we usually just book via carnivals website and all the prices are technically promo prices, so would that mean OBC perk would not be eligible?
  6. No I called them and I understand its not part of my IRA, just a separate account they are setting up for me. Thanks! 🙂
  7. Question if I can add on to this and not waste up another topic space... I've never done stocks before but with carnival being down and a good way to save up for retirement in like 30 years along with my IRA stuff. I was going to do a stock trading account and purchase the minimum 100 stocks, but I noticed there's an option for a joint account. Would I be able to do a joint stock account with my mom and we could split the purchase of the stocks under both our names? And since we never cruise together (someone has to stay to watch the pets) could we both make use of the OBC benefit when we cruise at different times of the year?
  8. We will be on Vista in Dec 2020 and Mardi Gras in Dec 2021. We have only splurged on doing the steakhouse and was thinking one of these times to do the Chef's table. Would either ship be good or one be better than the other you think?
  9. I texted my PVP and he said I had to wait until 10 months out so maybe thats the issue. Here is what I see: Issue is the From in the first box and To in the second. No available options to choose from and won't accept anything typed in. Flying from Orlando to stop near Galveston.
  10. For those who have tried using it before, anyone running into the issue of not being able to pick a Departing airport for the first leg of the and Arrival for the second? Both would be MCO (Orlando airport). But its just blank and when I try to type either in it won't do anything, just says select an airport. I've tried with Chrome, Edge and IE thinking it might be a browser issue but all 3 do the same thing.
  11. My friends hated the sofa bed. The newer ship sounds like they will be using an actual mattress in the new design tho. But the older sofa beds are hard. They had nothing for us to use other than blankets, and even adding extra blankets don't help.
  12. Sometimes it could be an off day. I had the blue crab one evening, was the best thing ever. Had it again the next day and was had to send it back to be recooked.
  13. Bonine! Take 2, don't chew them tho they taste nasty. Atleast 30min prior to ride. Works great! And non of that drosiness like Dramamine.
  14. To explain in a lil more detail too there's an ON TIME line and an EARLY/LATE line. If you don't pay extra for FTTF or have the other options, the quicker line is normally making sure you're there during your slotted time. But at least in Port Canaveral we've found even if we got there for the later line we were in pretty fast.
  15. I believe this is the rendering previously posted for the Havana area on Mardi Gras. And if you compare it to the deck plan you'll see it is a lot smaller than Vista.
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