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  1. Sometimes it could be an off day. I had the blue crab one evening, was the best thing ever. Had it again the next day and was had to send it back to be recooked.
  2. Bonine! Take 2, don't chew them tho they taste nasty. Atleast 30min prior to ride. Works great! And non of that drosiness like Dramamine.
  3. To explain in a lil more detail too there's an ON TIME line and an EARLY/LATE line. If you don't pay extra for FTTF or have the other options, the quicker line is normally making sure you're there during your slotted time. But at least in Port Canaveral we've found even if we got there for the later line we were in pretty fast.
  4. I believe this is the rendering previously posted for the Havana area on Mardi Gras. And if you compare it to the deck plan you'll see it is a lot smaller than Vista.
  5. The angling of that last photo makes the ship look small at first glance!
  6. How about thinking about it this way. Someone pays for a balcony room. Never or rarely uses it (I can take loads of photos down the ship and show many empty balconies). Would you ever argue that others should have access to that area? Now the havana area is a big balcony that we all paid grouply into (I'm sure there's a word for this). Why should we allow others to use an area we paid for? Mardi gras will have the new Loft 19 with it's own pool area, why not pay the extra to bring your children into that area or book the suite that includes it?
  7. Majority of tour operators refund you if they have to cancel due to weather. I alway prefer to prebook to make sure I am with a reputable operator and have an idea of what I'll be getting. I'm sure there will be something available tho at the pier. But jet skiing might not be.. that's always the best going out there! 🙂
  8. We booked over a year in advance to snag one of the only 4 person interior havana rooms (was only $100 more pp than regular interior) for the chance to have a less crowded area. After see the room size I hope we four girls survive this cruise lol.
  9. We dont go until Dec. But we decided to do something closer to port since that's a 2 hr drive to get to. We will plan to do it later when we can visit Ohio rios.
  10. If you plan on using the couch as a bed don't do it, super uncomfortable.
  11. Did you say your port is Ochio's Rios or Montego Bay? If you're planning on doing the falls/blue lagoon there's a really long drive time from Montego Bay. We were thinking about doing blue lagoon but with the 2hr drive there (and another 2 back) we decided to save that for a time we stop at Ochio Rios since it's closer to that port. Be sure to factor that in 🙂
  12. I used to use ear plugs when I roomed in with snorers but they got uncomfortable. So I moved to listening to music. You can search for them, but there's eye covers that have speakers in them. I just ordered one myself. On staying on deck over night, they do clean (hose down/pick up loungers) them in the evening and we were asked to leave areas before so they could work. So YMMV on where you can stay due to that.
  13. I asked about that my last cruise, they said it's now integrated with the excursion desk.
  14. Can also go towards your tips if you didn't prepay them.
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