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  1. This might be TMI or something... Why private? 1: RTFM: Tour of Chichen Itza - Description 4/4 + (for difficulty/mobility) excessive heat/humidity. Reality: Mother and son arrive in wheelchair (mother) walker (son). We wait 55+ minutes while the local guide finds people to physically CARRY the mother/son from A to B. 1hr lost. Arrive. Waste 45 minutes waiting for the guide to find people to carry them through the site. Return: Waste another 1hr+ finding people to carry them to the airport. 2. Lunch stop gone wrong Tail end of a world cruise the pervoid gets loaded during lunch (150lb body with 2+ bottles of wine over < ~1hr). Visit historical summer home/museum. He moves rope sits in century+ year old chair. Threatened police involvement. Tour ends early. 3. Passengers who need "help" Last cruise on Seabourn - Guide: A Passenger: Q Guide A Passenger: kiwi Guide: A Passenger: zebra Guide: A Passenger: 2 Guide: A Passenger: Purple guanacos? Guide: A Passenger: (loudly) YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID A from the start! Other passenger (before me): THEY SAID A FROM THE START 4. Walking speed. I'm not Bolt but I'm also not uber slow. If you have a speed you like a cruise tour may not be your cup of tea. 5. Tour timing: Be at point G at 1400 Most of tour: at point G @ 1400 Tour: Held up until the "lost" people show up - sorry you've lost time at every other stop 6. Random stuff: if you see something interesting the cruise tour can't stop. Your private tour will. (eg: a WW2 monument to where the Soviets stopped the Wehrmacht) 7. Number of people - You don't always meet your super best friends on the ship. (eg: The "marine" that left his garbage on the bus was appalling - police your own parade deck). 8. Comfort - the back of even an E-class MB is still IMO better than a bus. 9. Food - see 6. I've done both private and cruise tours in the SpB/Moscow area. Aside from the evening tour at Catherines Palace I would NEVER do the cruise tour again. English Embankment FTW (of course the bigger the ship the less likely this will be).
  2. Saw this coming in and thought I’d share.
  3. I’ve done Seabourns tours in St. P. I’ve seen Regents tours there. Go with a private company. You won’t regret it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. TK on Seabourn is screwed up. Seabourn can’t maintain his quality. If you want to know more ask me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I’ve been on Seabourn, Regent, Crystal and SilverSea. They’re all IME a crapshoot at this point. The staff on Seabourns bigger ships lags very far from the wee ones. Regent if you get either one Romanian or one Ukrainian you’re set. silverSea? Ignorance abounds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Water pipe = bong glass pipe = crack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I wish that’s there the ship docked when I went. It would’ve been an easy walk down the street.
  8. Kobe. It was referred to as the international cruise terminal but my taxi driver needed help from the hotel staff to find it.
  9. Hope this helps. IIRC (and hopefully the geotag backs it up) it was Kobe.
  10. Time to pull the suitcases from hibernation and start packing for a little Sojourn. I have to Shanghai myself before heading off to a meet and eat with the king of cows in Kobe.
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