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  1. I have also stayed at BW Oceanside and agree with phabric above on some of the pluses. Rooms are clean & comfortable, desk staff very friendly & informative. In addition to Trolley & Water Taxi, a variety of eating spots within walking distance. Room rates very reasonable for FLL beach-area during cruise season. (I've paid between $145 - $170)
  2. Elaine 5: Thanks for the review of Ffryes Beach. Always good to have firs-person reports on beaches. So many to choose from in Antigua ...
  3. To Stacy 12312: We're doing a 7 day Eastern Caribbean itinerary in late November. To: MaryBeth V: Didn't mean to hijack your thread ... carry on with your great review!
  4. Stacy 12312 "No" to considering a change of plans. Assuming you're thinking of virus concerns, we just plan to keep an eye on things & hope they have it isolated and under control by then. Write a review of your September cruise to give us a preview!
  5. This review and your excellent photos have both been outstanding. I have a cruise in a few months on the new Enchanted Princess , so I've been following your report with the idea that some of the venues on Enchanted will be similar to those on the Sky. Thanks again for putting in all the time & effort.
  6. Brnsofia and Mkelly just wondering how this tour went? We have this booked 3/5. How many people in your tour group? Did Stan do the tour himself? Did you like the island? thanks Trish ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TO UDAMOM: The short version: this was a good tour ... well worth the $$$ ... and I would recommend it. The longer version: As background ... we (Wife & I) are a couple in our late 60's, have been on about 15 cruises ... this was our first tim
  7. Dec. 5, 2019, our ship (Celebrity Silhouette) stopped in Antigua. This was our 4th time in Antigua, earlier stops we had gone to Valley Church Beach once, and Turner's Beach twice. Both were good beaches, with good facilities --- but a little crowded (especially when excursion catamarans would drop off their passengers), and both of those beaches has a major drop-off "shelf" that made getting out of the water a challenge. The day prior to this latest Antigua visit, a cruise ship passenger suggested Fort James Beach. We didn't get off our ship until about 10:00am, went directly t
  8. Kstetser: The day we were there, we dealt only with the guy who directed us to a chair/umbrella & took our money, and a friendly waitress who came and took & delivered our drink order. No other vendors or sales people on our visit. We had the taxi driver come back to pick us up after only 2 hours because we didn't realize how close to port or how nice it was. We're headed back to Antigua in November, will stay longer next time. A very relaxing & pleasant day.
  9. Consider Fort James beach. We went there for the first time in December. Short cab ride ... beach bar / restaurant (they'll serve you food and/or drink where you're sitting) ... natural shade areas & loungers/umbrellas ... nice beach & easy access in and out of the water (no large drop-off like on some of the beaches.) Cab driver came back & picked us up at designated time as requested. We've done Turner's and Valley Church beaches in the past, they're fine --- but this one was less crowded and the easy in-and-out of the water seals the deal for us. I plan on writing up a litt
  10. jbiker: You're welcome, have a great time 😊
  11. To Jbiker: I'll make this my post-visit report ... answer a couple of your questions ... and go into a little more detail about Calabash Cove. This was our 3rd visit to St. Lucia, had done a beach day to Pigeon Island and a lengthy catamaran trip/land tour (both very good) on previous trips. I would never have known about this Resort if it hadn't been for the mention here in this forum, and the strong recommendation of Reed Princess. We visited on Fri., Dec. 6 off a Celebrity cruise ship. I had gone to the resort website and inquired about the public availability of the resort to visi
  12. We went to Calabash Cove on a cruise last week (on the recommendation of this forum) and everything Reed Princess said above was spot on. Great experience. We were treated like regular guests. We were the only "cruise people" there, had our pick of shaded loungers. As stated above, there are many steps down to the beach and we're not young & real spry ... but so worth getting there (and drink service from the bar on the beach.) I plan to write a more complete review in the coming days ... but it was well worth the price and getting to, and we'd go again.
  13. Just back from a cruise that included Aruba, and we went to Reflexions for the first time. (Previously had been to Palm Beach) Reflexions a quick taxi ride from port ... lounger with umbrella was $20 I think ... nice sand beach with easy in-and-out of the water (no drop-off) and no rocks in the water. Not very crowded by Aruba beach standards. Reflexions Bar/Grill was good, good drink service at lounger. I plan to write a more detailed report soon. I've never been to Barcelo's, so can't make a comparison.
  14. Med02 When we did this last year, I think we paid $10-$15 total for the taxi to take us to the other terminal ... hand our luggage off to the porters (that only took about 2 mins) ... then back in the taxi to the Harbor Shops. I tipped the driver $10. Then the cab back from Harbor Shops to the port ... probably the same fare, which I think it pretty much a minimum. Getting a cab at Harbor Shops was quick & easy (we called Yellow Cab ourselves.) The process was well worth it to us and, in the big picture of what the cruises cost, the cost wasn't that much for the convenience. Have
  15. Terry in NJ: I've been to Turner's Beach the last two years, and they've had jet-ski rentals there.
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