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  1. The Airbnb we stayed at in May was " Cozy 2BD in the heart of OSJ" hosted by Eduardo. It was on San Justo St. it was the perfect location for all touristy places in OSJ. And great A/C too! We saw other nice offerings too. Could not believe how affordable the apartments were seeing how expensive the hotels were. We stayed at the San Juan Suites once and it was awful. I am not high maintenance but I need a window! The kiosks (restaurants, actually) were right out in front of Luquillo Beach. Maybe you went to a different part of the beach. It was quite a row of restaurants..maybe 10-15 of them if I remember right. We have always taken a taxi from the airport to OSJ. In May we were able to use Uber from OSJ to the cruise port and it was about half the price of a cab. Uber cannot pick up at the airport. They can drop off at the airport though. Our Vieques trip was in 2011 or 2010, I think. We used a tour company....we met them at a Marina and they brought us to Vieques..took a school bus ride..half our group went to eat at an authentic restaurant while the other half did the Biobay. We got back very very late but at least we did not have to stay on the island. Maybe they don't offer that anymore. It was the experience of a lifetime! We had two cruises out of PR where we stayed a few days pre cruise in OSJ and a few days post cruise out by El Yunque, but we still would like a whole week or longer to really see all the island. Driving there is very easy though I would not recommend driving in OSJ! PR is definitely one of our favorite places! Have fun, Lauri
  2. I remember how absolutely blown away we were with the Gran Melia our first visit. We missed that Wow experience on the second trip but it was still a very nice place to stay. It was about a 20 minute drive to El Yunque. We did eat at the Luquillo Beach kiosks...the hamburger place was great. We also went to Richies cafe which had great Puerto Rican food and even more gorgeous views! I love Old San Juan! My two girlfriends and I stayed at a two bedroom AIRBNB perfectly located in OSJ just this past May. I would definitely check out Airbnb if you want to stay in OSJ. Way cheaper than hotels and you can cook your own meals. We also enjoyed driving the Pork Highway and stopping at one of the many roadside restaurants to eat! We want to make it to the Volkswagen museum (Yauco?) and the Arecibo observatory our next trip. We also went to Vieques and did the Biobay on a little motorized boat! Your family and mine seem to enjoy a lot of the same cruise excursions so I have a feeling you would enjoy it! Have fun planning! Lauri
  3. Hey Kim, We have stayed at the Gran Melia twice and loved it. It is a beautiful resort with an absolute gorgeous pool and beautiful grounds. There is a beach as well. We were lucky both times we stayed it was only $99 a night through Hotwire. There should be a review of mine with photos from a few years back here in the PR forum. Great location for visiting el Yunque! Just looked back. My review is in the Royal caribbean forum. San Juan and brilliance Easter cruise! Last page is the Gran Melia.
  4. Thanks everyone! I think we have decided to switch to a different cruise. AOS sounds great but now I am noticing the prices on Oasis for that week! The ocean view balconies are the same price as an inside! I think I will gather the family tomorrow and get this figured out! We have always wanted to sail on one of the Displacement of the Seas ships but the prices are usually so high! This may be the perfect opportunity!
  5. We are looking at a Pre-Christmas cruise for our family, myself, DH, DS-25 and DD-21. Cannot decide between: Serenade out of FLL in 2 aft balconies on 7, Key West, Roatan, Cozumel and Costa Maya. Or Adventure out of OSJ in 2 promenades, St. Martin, Lucia, Kitts plus Antigua and Barbados. Airfare is higher to San Juan so we would do promenades (liked these rooms just fine) instead of aft balcony rooms. Pricing would be slightly higher for SJ but won't break the bank. We really love Adventure and we were not too fond of RCI ships with the Centrum (Brilliance anyways). So what would you go with, nicer ports & ship(?) out of San Juan or better cabins out of FLL?
  6. I LOVE the mueslix. I have tried making it at home but have never gotten the proportions correct. I have used milk, yogurt, oats and fruit. Never has it tasted near as good as NCL's! Cannot wait to eat this in three days!!! Lauri
  7. Hey Luckyinpa.... Our cruise is getting closer! We had 4 nights of specialty dining and chose Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We tend to eat more at the Specialty restaurants so spread them out a little bit throughout the cruise. We are cruising with friends so wanted a celebratory atmosphere on Sunday and Thursday is our anniversary so we wanted Specialty those nights. We wanted to eat in the MDR on Friday since that is Beef Wellington night! This will be our 4th stop in Bermuda and we begin our days early so have no problem making a 6 pm dinner reservation! Hopefully I choose well! Lauri
  8. We just booked this again for February. We had a great time last October with Bob!! Loved the snorkeling, the speed of the boat, seeing the island from the water, seeing planes land over Maho, eating a delicious lunch and stopping at Pinel Island! This is one of our favorite port excursions to date. We were not crowded at all, were kept well hydrated and entertained. Guests onboard were a riot! Getting back onboard does entail climbing a ladder but there is always someone helping you. Well worth the price. Even though you see and do a lot, it is a very relaxing day. Lauri
  9. I thought that was what made it the "classic", maybe I am wrong! Enjoy! Lauri
  10. I would love to hear your thoughts! Are you going for the classic Bermudian fish sandwich on raisin bread? It's a toss up between Mama Angies and Rosa's! We will be there in a month! Lauri
  11. Thanks everyone! Glad to hear it is just the buffet coffee that is bad! If I can have one good cup a day, I will be fine! So, after a bit of looking, it seems you need "soft" pods, not KKups or Vue pods. If we can find some at our grocery store, we may pick some up or just take our chances that that the coffee won't be that bad. We are on a cruise, somethings can't be all bad after all! Lauri
  12. Another post showed a picture of the coffee makers on BA that you put the little coffee envelope in to brew. But a cruiser said she brings the Starbucks Vue pods. Do you concur that these will work? We use K Kups but I Think the Vue pods are smaller. Cannot stand bad coffee so want to bring our own! Thank you LAuri
  13. Does anybody know if you can still get the lobster roll at the Ocean Blue "window" on Breakaway for lunch on sea days? And if yes, was it worth it? I think I saw a price of $10 quoted. Very mixed reviews! Lauri
  14. Aren't the Vue actually little pods though? It doesn't look like you could use them in that type of brewer. Confused.... Lauri
  15. This is "our" cove! We always stop here on our walk from Warwick to Horseshoe. We love going out between the rocks in your photo and bobbing along when the waves come in! It is slightly precarious making our way out there but with aqua socks and well coordinated steps between rocks and waves, we have never had an issue. Cannot wait to visit in 6 weeks! Thanks for all the updates! Lauri
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