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  1. Definitely book independently - it is a short stroll from the ship. Save the money and enjoy!!
  2. OMG - so jealous!!!
  3. Yep I got the same message when I tried to open a specific town/port 😞
  4. Hey there - have done 2 x DIY tours post cruise and LOVE it!! Easy to arrange with a little bit of research and the freedom to do what you want, go where you want and stop where you want. $1000 a day sounds hideously expensive - you won't spend anywhere near that on a DIY (if you chose not to).
  5. We have done both - large boat and small. Our first excursion was on a larger boat in Juneau and we loved it - saw bubble net feeding and lots of whales - we thought we had had the experience of a life time UNTIL we went on the small boat. The experience was very different - you just feel so much closer in the small boats. My husband gets terribly seasick - in fact I often joke that he gets sick on the wharf whilst buying the ticket 🙂 - but he was fine on both boats. I guess we had so many whales around us that he was so focused on everything going on that he didn't have time to think about the seasickness!! And we also had relatively calm days for all of the whale watching excursions we have been on but we would not go back to the larger tours - small boats for us!! You will LOVE it - we are heading back again in 2020 and have already booked 2 small boat whale excursions - can't wait!!
  6. I live in Whakatane and White Island is just of our shores. I work in the hospital where these poor victims were triaged and treated - my colleagues fought to keep the survivors alive and our small town is reeling!! I find it really distressing that whilst there are still bodies lying on the island awaiting recovery and critically injured people are fighting for their lives that there are people on here discussing blame!! Now is not the time for this - now is the time for prayers and hope.
  7. Twinkd

    Train from Seward

    Hey there - we have both driven and taken the train and the views are spectacular both ways. We did take the morning train but have just had a look online and it looks like the sun doesn't set in June until about 11pm so there should be plenty of light for the amazing views - enjoy!
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