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  1. Small packets of Woolite or a Tide to wash quick drying tshirts and underwear. Rarely use them but nice to have in case of a spill or extended stay.
  2. I don’t know what authority we can quote on this but the first come first serve option described seems exceptionally odd particularly for cruises that plan every detail. it would seem like the ship would need to know if it were going to dock or tender. Are the cozt of docking and tendering the same? It seems like tendering boats back and forth for 10-12 hours would cost more than sitting in the dock and the ships would race to get their first. I’ll see in May when we’re supposed to be the first ship to arrive but we’re scheduled to tender.
  3. What site are you using? I have used CruiseTT in the past however, it doesn't seem to be updated.
  4. I've been trying to schedule tours with The Travel Insiders for our port stops in Greece. We're having a hard time hearing back from them. I suspect that they might be on holiday however, I'm not sure. They come very highly recommended and we'd like to book with them. We'd appreciate feedback from others who have booked with them as well as recommendations for other tour operators if they continue to be non-responsive. We'll be in Santorini, Mykonos and Athens on the Explorer of the Seas in May. Thanks
  5. Is that correct? There two cruises out of Rome in early and mid-May before that on the schedule. we’re booked on the May 27 sailing and don’t want to be the first scheduled out of dry dock.
  6. We received an offer for the RCI card with an incentive for 15,000 points which is a $150 OBC or credit towards the cruise. Before that we had only seen the 10,000 points offers so we took the bait. It's really only a good deal for RCI purchases. Other cards are better to use after the initial perk IMHO. The major pro is the incentive to get the card. The cons include: - it can only be used in round amounts for OBC or credits to pay for the card. At some point you're likely to lose some points. - Unlike other card incentives it can only be used for RCI OBC, discounts and some online purchases. Some cards let you buy merchandise and gift cards - You don't see the OBC until closer to sailing unless you ask for it. Credits toward the cost of your cruise seem to show up sooner but we've still had to call. - The OBC and credit toward the cruise is at risk if your sailing is cancelled or you change sailing. There has been much posted about this on other threads/boards. Seems grossly unfair. So it is best to wait until closer to your sailing to redeem them. - Many cards offer better perks with cash back that can be applied better. We save it for an emergency and back up card in case something happens. No annual fee and no foreign exchange fees. Good to use if you're uncertain about fraud and don't want to risk your primary card.
  7. We are on the Explorer in May. It says it arrives at 5 AM. Will they wait until 7 to let people off or could it be earlier?
  8. No apologies necessary. We’re all in this together. Sharing is caring.
  9. Thank you very much. That’s the plan.
  10. We did the jet skis at Coco Cay. You follow a guide seperated by about 100 yards a person. I found it far too fast. I was doing over 30 MPH and still trailing others. You don't have an option to go out on your own if you want to. It was all follow the leader for about 45 minutes. We've done this before but were not very experienced.
  11. Who did you book the shuttle with and what time did you have them pick you up?
  12. Thanks for all the feedback. The RCI credit card is from Bank of America so maybe we could use them.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. The RCI site says that they can provide foreighn currency. Is there a limit or high fees?
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