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  1. I read the CDC order. The order expires 100 days from March 14, 2020. That would make it June 22, not July 24th. And that day can be earlier according to the guidelines. Also, the plans mentioned was supposed to be submitted within 7 days of the order, so I'm sure the cruise lines did that already. I still think the June 27th cruise will sail. The country is opening up. And the CDC decision making process concerning the cruising industry will probably be guided by the current administration, not on thier own. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships_Extension_4-9-20-encrypted.pdf
  2. I just booked the Oasis sailing June 27th, 2020. I think it's greater than .001% we sail!!
  3. Hey all, just booked this cruise last month after the Inaugural out of New York was cancelled. Was lucky to get on this one, it was almost sold out. In my experience, Inaugural cruises are always special due to the extra staff and attention you recieve (and sometimes freebies). Looking forward to this cruise. 😎
  4. Hello everyone. Just booked this cruise, looking forward to this new ship. I have done other inaugural cruises in the past and received some freebies and had celebrities on board to meet. I read Carnival's media release that said the cruise after this one would be considered the maiden voyage. Does anyone have any info if this cruise will have any "extras" being the first out of an American port?
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