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  1. I don't remember if we like cruising or not since it been so long 😞
  2. Made in Columbus OH https://milspin.com/products/the-original-milspin-brass-key
  3. Love Anthem, haven't sailed on NY so I guess I would choose Port...
  4. Ours was sent to different email addresses, about 3-4 hours apart.
  5. I assume you are meaning the Royal visa points. I thought those had to be transferred to another booking & wont go back to your card.
  6. Our August 2021 Oasis is still sitting at $61 😞
  7. It is August 2021 - I certainly hope they are cruising by then!!
  8. Not all crew members are being paid according to this video around 3:40 mark he answers that question
  9. Summit County is pushing people to CVS or RiteAid for testing https://www.scph.org/covid/testing
  10. Many people have done this. Prior to the Covid mess, it would take less than a week to get a refund, now it is any ones guess as to how long it will take.
  11. Always a chance it will drop again, may not be down to $44. That is the lowest I have seen it in a few years. You can always purchase it & if it does go lower cancel & rebook.
  12. embarkation/disembarkation is a congested time with many people near each other. Once on the ship, it should be much easier to maintain distance
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