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  1. We are also booked with Uniworld for the end of May. Our insurance policy does not cover epidemics but it does cover cruise cancellation. Since our cruise has not been cancelled or postponed as of yet, I think if we cancel now with Uniworld we will lose more money than if we wait and see. At 30 days out from our cruise we can cancel for a penalty of about $400 plus a couple which I believe will get rolled over to a FC. So I want to wait and see how Uniworld handles things going forward as I may want a full refund and not a FCC. If Uniworld has to postpone further into May or June we stand a better chance of getting a refund at that time. We will wait and see at this point!
  2. Thank you for that info! I will try contacting them in a few weeks. Have a wonderful cruise.
  3. Hello all, We are taking a Uniworld cruise from Lyon to Avignon the first week of June2020. I am interested in information regarding the Masterpiece Collection excursions. I can view them on the Uniworld site but they do not describe what is included or how much they cost. Has anyone here done this cruise in 2019 and can share dailies or personal experience with these tours and approximate cost? I have read some nice reviews but the info is old. Just trying to figure out which included tours and which extra tours to take and if we need to plan for DIY touring in addition to what is offered. Thanks in Advance!
  4. I am also interested in any information regarding Masterpiece Collection options but for the Burgundy & Provence cruise on Uniworld. The Uniworld site only shows information for 2018 Masterpiece options for this cruise. Does anyone have personal experience with these options for 2019? Our cruise is for early June 2020 Lyon to Avignon. Do we need to wait until boarding to discover what the added tour options will be? For example it looks like the included tour for Avignon is the Palace of the Popes in the morning, and in 2018 they also offered an afternoon trip to Pont du Gard. We would love to do both. Just trying to figure out if this will be available in 2020 or will I have to arrange to do it on our own. Thanks!
  5. Planning on a trip next Spring so nice to see these ideas! Faience, from Lyon or Rouen.
  6. Thanks CruiserBruce. I did notice something about renting the car away from the airport and outside of Paris. That seems way too complicated after a very long day of travel. I have found a private car transport that can pick us up at CDG and drive us directly to Bayeux for not much more than a car rental. Much easier than self driving after that long trip! We don't need the car in Bayeux as we will have a private tour.
  7. Thank you Marjan 1 and Jazzbeau. We art still in the research and planning stages but I think we have the start of a plan. We will be jet lagged when we arrive at CDG so driving from there to Bayeaux is probably a bad idea for us. We can hire a private driver to take us with a stop at Giverny for slightly more than renting a car. We don't need the car in Bayeux as we will have a 2 day private tour from there. We will be rested enough to manage our bags on a train back to Paris. At the end of the cruise in Arles/Avignon (depending on cruise line) we can rent a car to see more of Provence before flying out of Marseille. The driving in Provence will hopefully feel less stressful!
  8. Got2Cruise, thanks for your insight. I did print them out but they are vague. I do see that each has something we are interested in but our "best" would be a combo. Between morning and afternoon tours we will probably be good but they each leave out great sites in the places we stop! Having said that and looked at peoples reviews I think we need a few days after in Provence to do what doesn't work out on the ship. Similar to what Jazzbeau did. We are planning to travel with another couple but have openly said we will do our own thing on tours as we have different physical abilities and interests. TravelerThom- Thanks for that info. We are now looking at staying in Bayeux 3 nights with a 2 day tour with Overlord then train back to Paris to meet our friends and spend 3 nights there. If we can arrange it we will stop at Giverny enroute to Bayeux or on the way back. Honfleur and Rouen may have to wait. Thank you all!
  9. Marazul, Thank you so much for the links. Yes the Michelin would be A great help!
  10. Marazul- Thanks for the input. Yes we will see those places but the tours are brief glimpses and sometimes you are forced to chose 1 of 2 great options. I was thinking of staying around Avignon a day or 2 to see what we missed. Such as lavender fields, Le Baux, Abbaye de Sennanque, Pont du Gard if we miss that tour, Carrier de Lumineres, Gourdes, Rousillion. It will depend on how the cruise tours flow and what we feel we need to do in addition. I thought if I gathered info on the various places and distances from Avignon I would have a better idea of which tour to choose on the ship and what we could on our own after.
  11. PopPopBear Take a look at this article. AmaWaterways vs. Viking http://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=2496
  12. I think if I do some more research on the road trip from CDG to Bayeux I may be able to convince him to drive. So would CDG be a good place to rent a car for that trip or should we look elsewhere? The train is still an option but alas we will each be lugging at least a medium suitcase and 1 backpack. We will be doing Paris for 3 nights with our friends after Normandy.
  13. 4774Papa - I see you cruised in May. A few questions. Early or late May? What was the weather like? When you were in the hill town of Grignan were there any views over the lavender fields? I understand they bloom in June and are 1 of the variables for our cruise time frame. Thanks
  14. Sorry about the spaces thanks for fixing the post. What I failed to mention originally is that my husband does not want to drive in Europe. I am hoping to change his mind as many on these boards have said driving outside of Paris is not so hard. So land travel would be train or private tour. We would use Overlord for Normandy. I had not thought about starting with a 7 day cruise in case as you pointed out it turned out not to be to our liking. Good point. A DIY of Normandy with a car at CDG makes the most sense. We can both drive a stick shift but we don't speak French so worried about road signage and the stress of driving in a foreign country. Thanks for the review links.
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