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  1. Cruise cancelled Mar 30, for Apr 11 sailing - alerted TA we wanted full refund Received refunds on shore excursions and ship purchases - May 8 & May 12 Still waiting on refund for cruise itself...
  2. It's hilarious to read about people complaining about other people complaining.
  3. Cruise was supposed to sail April 11th. Cancelled through TA on Mar 30th. No refunds as of yet. Based on being told to wait 60-90 days, we're looking at late June but I'm optimistic based on earlier posts we may see something sooner. But I believe if we do, it'll be luck and not because of any logical systematic approach from Carnival
  4. We cancelled on Mar 30, and the TA was told by Carnival to expect a 60-90 time frame for refunds, and allow for the full time for the refund to be processed. So I guess we won't see anything potentially until the end of June.
  5. Has anyone whose cruise was cancelled and requested a refund received it yet?
  6. So it's Monday and I have 24 hrs to cancel my Apr 11 cruise and still we wait for them to announce that its canceled. Good work...
  7. I'm booked for Apr 11th, and totally agree with you. That's exactly what they will do.
  8. FYI, we're on an Apr 11th cruise and both my TA and Carnival confirmed full refunds were not available at this time, and confirmed the current policies posted on Carnival's site.
  9. We are supposed to sail on the Magic in 4 weeks. Has anyone recently been on a trip where you could tell the ship was not full at all? Wondering if folks are really cancelling in large numbers. Can't get Carnival on the phone ever right now...
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