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  1. I just got a email tonight from princess for Alaska deals
  2. Funny thing is we have nothing booked and have not been looking at anything just wondering if they have a new marketing system as I got another one this morning.
  3. Are we any closer on getting this fixed and to be able to use tapa talk
  4. Just wondering if everyone is getting lots of emails as of late from princess. Usually I would get something every few weeks now every day just wondering is business slow ?
  5. That is correct however there is a nice form they have and you can fax it all in the same time with info very clean
  6. Oh agreed but to be honest I think we are safe
  7. I think it is safe to say they won’t cancel it many cruisers have stock and use the benefit and it would hurt there bottom line.
  8. I have used it lots lately and all I did was sent prof of stock funds and also sent the princess stick form they require and faxes in and had all my credits with in 24 hrs
  9. I have had 3 different ones over the last 3 weeks all seem to work good.
  10. I am still having no luck just wondering what is taking to long for a plug in I sure hope Tapa Talk is back soon
  11. Actually the only soda you can get by can in the drink package is root beer the pour it from the can however they don't give it to you
  12. I hope they fix it soon as I have tried everything and sure miss the app for posting and commenting
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