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  1. Honestly I would have reported her.
  2. It's such a shame that people abuse the system calling a family pet a service or emotional support animal. My husband has had Parkinson's Disease for 24 years and does have an emotional support dog. We are very careful where we take her including flying. She is trained and very quiet. Neurology and psychologist have supported the need. Not all are fake
  3. I understand that Venice and Cannes must protect their cities and people. We were on the Royal I believe, and it was probably the best cruises I have ever been on.
  4. We took a fantastic Princess Cruise with Venice as a port a few years ago. I cannot find any Princess cruises going to Venice. Do they no longer go to Venice? 😞
  5. Can anyone tell me if the Celebrity trip insurance covers air, pre-post hotel stays? Sis and I are cruising and would like to stay in Fort Lauderdale a few days before embarkation. We took out Celebrity insurance at the time of booking for cancel for any reason and piece of mind. So many hotels these days will give you a price break if you book a non-refundable room. We are hesitant to do this as we have some family members with fragile health. We would also like to skip the airline insurance if not needed. Anyone know if airline and pre-cruise stays are covered under the Celebrity policy? Thanks all and happy cruising!
  6. Thinking of taking a cruise on Royal for a change of pace. We are elite on Celebrity. Just wondering if we recoup any benefits from being elite on Celebrity when cruising with Royal?
  7. Sis and I cruised in January with very few children aboard. There was a small child around 1 year old who was very tolerant of dinner. Just as soon as he started to squack the parents would immediately remove him an come back after they satisfied his issue. Not a problem at all. I do prefer cruising with few children, however, anytime there have been kids on past cruises they have been well behaved and darling. It all starts with the parents, setting expectations for those that understand and taking responsibility for your kids. I think Celebrity passengers submit to this.
  8. I have looked all over and cannot find the number family would call if there is an emergency. Sailing on the Reflection 1/18. Thanks all
  9. Anyone out there have a sense if prices will drop due to the instability of the US stock market? Unfortunately plenty of investors are pulling back and thinking twice about their spending habits. Any comments or sense how this may affect travel?
  10. I couldn't agree more. The chairs smell like farts and I am not kidding.:eek::o
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