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  1. Just disembarked from Edge this morning, we had a great New Years Eve on board! Back to the point, Richard Fain was aboard with his family and he was good enough to host a Q&A with the guests. Believe me, there was a lot of good and bad that he became aware of. Some of it was really important, like issues for handicap access at several locations on board, while some of it was frivolous nonsense. At the end, I felt like he listened and will bring back to the office those items which deserve attention. Mark
  2. Apex is scheduled to begin passenger operations in the Med summer of 2020, bookings are open. They better be moving on its build.
  3. Thank you Lloyd, VT and everyone else that contributed to this thread since its inception. It has been truly a pleasure. Now that Edge is ready for service, I'll confirm when I board on 11/27, it's time for me to begin following the Apex build. Bon voyage!
  4. Moving back into t-25 now that the cargo ship passed.
  5. It says from 25 t o25 so I assume flipping her around, perhaps moving her to let that cargo ship go by.
  6. I think there were less than a dozen boats in her flotilla, the rest had official responsibilities, law enforcement & tugs.
  7. People have routinely paid that much (Penthouse Suite) for New Years cruises out of Ft Lauderdale for years. The most expensive suites are usually the first to sell out for NYE.
  8. Very disappointed, no email today from X and of course it does not look like anyone else received their cabin #. Mark
  9. I am sure that someone (VT/Lloyd?) has the current timeline for the following: Turnover to Celebrity: Depart France for Bahamas: Arrive Ft Lauderdale: Thanks in advance, Mark
  10. Let's hope this is the week we get our cabin assignments! 😄
  11. VT, I knew you would have the answer! Thanks, I'm relieved! 😄
  12. This may have been addressed and I missed it, but what happens when the Magic Carpet is at it's highest level, full of guests dining, and one of them has to go to the bathroom? C'mon, you know you all have been dying to ask that question! 🤣
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