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  1. What would I search for on FB? I'm not really on FB, so I don't know how to navigate.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, will give it a try!
  3. Argh! We had a wonderful (better than we could ever imagine) cruise that I need to report. However, I'm distracted because I lost the contact info for a lovely family we just met from England. It was raining at our transfer airport, so our luggage was drenched and the piece of paper fell apart. This family has four children, including two daughters who traveled with them. Their younger daughter became close friends with our daughter. We can't remember their last names. Any tips how to contact? Azamara will not release contact info, which I understand. I know their first names (and their cabin #s. They had two connecting cabins) but want to protect their privacy here. I should have photograghed their contact info. Bonnie, could I please ask you or Azamara/s email department to pass on our contact info to the family, so they could contact us? My daughter is very sad that she cannot reach her friend. Thank you for any help! We were in cabins 7092 and 7095.
  4. Bonnie, our Azamara Pursuit Cruise arrives in Venice, Aug 12. Is the port still San Basilio? I imagine San Basilio will have have some reconstruction. Will you please let us know when you find out? Thank you!
  5. Thank you, both, so much! This really helps us with our planning. I posted in Roll Call.
  6. Thank you HGC! When is the earliest debarking time, if the schedule says 9 am? Thank you so much for following up and updating, Bonnie!
  7. Thank you for looking into this, Bonnie. I hope you don't mind if I ask again in a little while.
  8. Hi Bonnie, any updates on the Venice port locations? Our Pursuit trip is August 3. Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much! I did see this hotel in an earlier web search, and it is so helpful to have your personal recommendation!
  10. Mine bounced back, too. Said "address not found." I can't log in through the Voyage planner. Says "The information you attempted to submit is incorrect. Please try again." I can go through main Sign In/Create Account tab, but it is always a little alarming when my cruise info can't found! I have two cabins booked (same last name, same cruise), so I am always logging in and out, and the website doesn't remember my log in.
  11. Thank you so much, Bonnie and HGC, I will await your final word.
  12. I saw Bonnie's 2018 listing, but not 2019. Specifically, we are thinking of Azamara Pursuit 3, 2019 from Civitavecchia to Venice. My TA says Marittima, but our Venice Tour guide asked port authority, which said San Basilio. I'm confused. I know ports can change, but knowing the location helps us plan which hotels to book nearby. Thank you!
  13. FandFmom, or any other person with this experience, when you said your hotel was near San Basilio, may I ask which one it was and if you recommend it? Thank you! Just found out our ship is docking at San Basilio, not the main port.
  14. My TA just told me, after speaking with a supervisor at Azamara, that the website per person cabin prices are not updated for our cruise (not sure about others), resulting in the much higher final price. The website continues to show the "old" price, which is considerably lower than current, apparently. It's extremely frustrating that Azamara for shows a falsely lower cabin price on the website. That is deceptive and false. Is that considered bait and switch?
  15. Edited, will post update in a bit.
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