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  1. nyfeds

    Wi Fi packages

    Anyone know how costly wi fi packages are?
  2. nyfeds

    Venice Shuttle

    Hi When docked in Venice, does Azamara provide free shuttles into city center/San Marco? Thanks
  3. Decisions are definitely not our strong suit. However, I think we shall go with the Quest itinerary, which gives a great overview of Croatia and is not overly Venice heavy, having been there 3 times. Wish we could do both 😞 Denise
  4. I really appreciate all the great input and lovely photos! Now to reach a firm decision. Looks like we can't go wrong with either. Keep the info coming, please! Thanks! Denise
  5. We are looking into booking a cruise with the emphasis on Croatia. There are several cruise options. I'd like to receive some insight into which ports in Croatia are must-see. We currently have a hold on the Journey Oct. 9, 2021 itinerary, but also find the 9 night Amalfi and Dalmation Coast cruise on Quest, October 19, 2021 to be of interest as well. Thanks! Denise
  6. It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband, Lyn. This crossing was a wild weather roller coaster ride. It was a wonderful itinerary, very ill timed. We were tremendously disappointed to miss Dublin, which was to be the highlight of this cruise for us. We have been on 4 crossings, 3 of which had weather issues causing port cancellations. With that said, we are done with crossings. We have also been on 3 Oceania cruises. I do believe we are done with Oceania for a variety of reasons I shall not get into. Denise
  7. We will be outside to take it all in. NY sail away is breathtaking
  8. Sailaway out of NYC is stunning! Don't miss a NY second of it!
  9. Thanks for the replies. We will await the March 4 meeting and then consider our options. Unfortunately, we do not have Avios miles to spend. Will have to check with our credit card if a Flybe refund is in order. We also take out travel insurance to fall back on, if need be. Denise
  10. We are booked with Flybe Airlines to transport us from Southampton to Amsterdam. We are now learning that Flybe is in trouble and may cease to exist. Does anyone here have any insight into this British airline? Flybe has warned investors that the airline is finished unless they back a sale to a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Air. In a statement issued late on Thursday, Flybe says if a sale to the Connect Airways group is not approved the airline would be wound up and shareholders will not receive any money. The struggling regional operator would be bought by Connect for £2.2m if the proposal is approved at an annual meeting on 4 March. In the statement, Flybe acknowledged that the offer was "disappointingly low" but emphasised that it was the only rescue plan on the table. "If the scheme is not approved, the Flybe directors intend to take steps to wind-up the company and shareholders are likely to receive no value for their shares in Flybe," the airline says.
  11. Asking for suggestions and recommendations on car service or taxi from Amsterdam's Schipol Airport to City center hotel. Thanks! Denise
  12. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. We found our transport this morning. Denise
  13. Thank you for your kind replies. John, I have contacted West Quay Cars at your recommendation. Thank you!! Denise
  14. Hi We dock in Southampton on Good Friday, April 19, disembarking in the City Cruise Terminal. Can anyone offer insight into taxi availability to get from the terminal to Southampton Airport? Any insight or suggestions for ground transport are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Thank you! Excellent suggestion, Lynn 🙂
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