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  1. We will be outside to take it all in. NY sail away is breathtaking
  2. Sailaway out of NYC is stunning! Don't miss a NY second of it!
  3. Thanks for the replies. We will await the March 4 meeting and then consider our options. Unfortunately, we do not have Avios miles to spend. Will have to check with our credit card if a Flybe refund is in order. We also take out travel insurance to fall back on, if need be. Denise
  4. We are booked with Flybe Airlines to transport us from Southampton to Amsterdam. We are now learning that Flybe is in trouble and may cease to exist. Does anyone here have any insight into this British airline? Flybe has warned investors that the airline is finished unless they back a sale to a consortium led by Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Air. In a statement issued late on Thursday, Flybe says if a sale to the Connect Airways group is not approved the airline would be wound up and shareholders will not receive any money. The struggling regional operator would be bought by Connect for £2.2m if the proposal is approved at an annual meeting on 4 March. In the statement, Flybe acknowledged that the offer was "disappointingly low" but emphasised that it was the only rescue plan on the table. "If the scheme is not approved, the Flybe directors intend to take steps to wind-up the company and shareholders are likely to receive no value for their shares in Flybe," the airline says.
  5. Asking for suggestions and recommendations on car service or taxi from Amsterdam's Schipol Airport to City center hotel. Thanks! Denise
  6. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. We found our transport this morning. Denise
  7. Thank you for your kind replies. John, I have contacted West Quay Cars at your recommendation. Thank you!! Denise
  8. Hi We dock in Southampton on Good Friday, April 19, disembarking in the City Cruise Terminal. Can anyone offer insight into taxi availability to get from the terminal to Southampton Airport? Any insight or suggestions for ground transport are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Thank you! Excellent suggestion, Lynn 🙂
  10. We disembark Marina in Southampton, City Terminal. I'd appreciate insight into how readily available taxis are to take us to Southampton Airport, rather than LHR. We disembark on Good Friday, April 19, so there is concern. Thanks! Denise
  11. My husband and I experienced very high water levels while taking our AMA Douro River cruise a few years ago. Our vessel could not get through the locks as the water raged. We found our Cruise Director, Raquel, to be outstanding in keeping us advised, several times a day of the status of cruising versus bus trips. AMA was accommodating beyond words. While we did not have the river cruise we had hoped for, AMA came through for us in every way possible and I sing their praises. Everyone "went with the flow" and we had a great time! AMA handled everything with grace and excellence. We are taking our next AMA river cruise in April - Tulip Time. Our 3rd AMA river cruise! Can't wait!
  12. We were towards the front of the line waiting to debark in Miami and had no idea someone was injured. Some on the line got downright nasty at the delay because they feared missing their flight home. Lesson learned, don't time your flights so close to debarkation time. They have only themselves to blame cutting it so close. No internet issues for us. Overall, and for the most part, with a few exceptions, service was excellent on this TA portion of the cruise. Riviera is a beautiful, well maintained ship.
  13. We love cruising. Ship does happen, regardless of land or cruise trips.The real issue at hand that we don't appreciate is rude, poor customer service, which was what our real issue was with Reception and Concierge crew. I am retired from the hospitality industry. If I would would have treated my guests as so many of us were poorly subjected to on this cruise (and there were many who voiced their displeasure), I would have been fired. To be balanced, we received some stellar service throughout the ship. Both the excellent and the horrid were reflected in our cruise evaluations.
  14. We were on your cruise and the manner in which this was handled was sorely disappointing. The dismal "response" or lack thereof by Reception and Concierge desks on Riviera were the very worst we have ever encountered in all our years of cruising. Totally and completely ill-equipped to handle and address anything in a full and professional manner! In addition, several months before this cruise, Stirrup Cay was changed to Nassau. A monumental waste of time at this worthless port, IMHO. We were on a Sirena New England sailing about 2 years ago and missed Bermuda due to an impending hurricane. O gave us a $500 credit towards another cruise, which we put towards this TA. On this cruise, we missed the Canary Islands completely. Response from O - ZIP!
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    Thanks for the clarification. Denise
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