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  1. Sounds like a reasonable outcome. In our experience, the UK office can be helpful on things like shore excursions but anything to do with money has to go back to the US. Put aside the money "saved" and if you enjoy the cruise next year book another one while you are onboard. You then get a price "guarantee" (although this does not apply automatically) and you can also get it referred back to your TA who should apply their normal discount.
  2. We have been in this position and although as has been noted under the UK T's and C's the customer would seem to have no redress I would say it is certainly worth pushing Regent through your TA. Although unlikely that they will offer a cash refund, we have obtained upgrades, OBC and future cruise credits in various combinations but not without a struggle. Regent want people to book early and they also value repeat bookings so I would hope that they will make an offer acceptable to you. Best wishes for a satisfactory outcome and keep us posted!
  3. I understand that Regent had no control over the final edit. I agree with many of the critical comments about the programme above but that says more about TV than it does Regent, except that Regent marketing does focus too much for my liking on the expense of everything. Although we were interested to see the programme and recognise some things (and people) overall we did not think it was a true reflection of life on board a Regent ship and certainly not why we continue to sail. Understand also that the UK office has been getting lots of calls after each programme, so maybe we will see Hyacinth B on board one day!
  4. Jason Montague did not say anything about competitions or draws, he just invited suggestions for the name for the new ship which I passed on. He said that the "er" or "or" endings was for continuity, not because of different spellings in UK and US English. I think everyone realises that Regent is US based and it is entirely up to them what they do but when invited to express opinions equally valid to say that some spellings will jar and look odd to some of us. In any case, I guess they will be very much engaged with the Splendour, sorry Splendor launch next year.
  5. For what it is worth, I got the strong impression Regent is committed to the name ending in er or or so that would rule out Endevour, and Endevor would be a bit ridiculous. Still, I thought that about Spledor (still do) but it would not stop me sailing on her. i had forgotten all about the earlier discussion on names so I guess all legal and decent suggestions were covered and maybe also some that don’t fall into those categories. For what it is worth my best effort is “Adventurer”. This ends in the approved er format, starts with a different letter than the rest of the fleet, and injects a (probably unjustified) element of excitement. Jason M made no mention of prizes or reward for winning suggestion!
  6. We were a bit concerned about returning to Navigator for the recent NY to Montreal cruise which ended last Friday after a break which included most recently two Explorer cruises. Disappointed to miss three ports of call (Bar Harbour, St Johns and Halifax) but happy with the way the Captain and Officers dealt with the situation and pleased overall with Navigator. I know she does not suit everybody but we enjoyed the smaller scale, excellent theatre layout and more intimate feel. We were joined by Regent President and CEO Jason Montague (although he was delayed because of Dorian) and RSS Society Head Jason O'Keefe for this cruise. Both were visible and approachable and JM did a "Town Hall" event where he presented on Regent plans and took questions and contributions and also showed pics of Splendor's progress in construction. We liked the lighter tones planned for Spledor, always thought Explorer too dark (and horrible "art" on the walls). Also, a new ship planned but no name yet so JM invited suggestions, with Endevour (or Endevor) being most backed. What do you think? I wondered about "Intoxicator"? Apparently must end in "er" or "or". Some changes coming with removing plastics, using smart devices for tours etc. Bring it on I say! For what it is worth (not much) my suggestions were to focus more on the quality of third party suppliers for transfers etc and also to try to get better docking locations. For example, we were docked at Pier 103 in Quebec City which is a bus ride out rather than in the City Centre Dock, lots of other location examples I could give. Makes a big difference to the cruise experience. Final shout out to pianist Clive Carrington who was onboard. A star!
  7. Thanks for the good wishes. Yes, looks like Dorian is passing through more quickly, nice day in Halifax predicted for tomorrow now! Agree better safe than sorry and comms from Jamie and Capt good. Sorry to miss Halifax, St John and Bar Harbour. Perhaps another time, though not in Autumn!
  8. Just to update on the original q. Halifax now cancelled, the port is apparently closed tomorrow. Finally left Boston last night and just arrived Portland with an extra sea day tomorrow which we are not looking forward to at all. Wise after the event but in the light of these experiences I would now avoid the eastern seaboard during hurricane season.
  9. Plenty of worse places to be stuck than Boston. No tours arranged (despite best endeavours of Destination Services) but shuttles into Boston available and actually plenty to see in walking distance. Some passenger disappointment but most seem to understand. The Cruise Director has produced a very good TV interview with the Captain fully explaining the situation and forecast prediction for the progress of Dorian up the Eastern Seaboard. Hoping to get to Portland tonight but definitely do not want to get caught at sea in a hurricane! Thoughts are with the real victims of Dorian!
  10. Yes, currently in Boston and tonight’s scheduled departure for Bar Harbour cancelled also planned stop in St Johns. Staying in Boston tomorrow then (maybe) to Portland hoping to catch up on the schedule from Halifax.
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I would say that you definitely should tip tour guides and bus drivers in the UK. Also taxi drivers, waiters etc. I doubt that anyone would say anything to you if you don't tip, generally people are too polite, but pay is very low in the hospitality industry and so a gratuity (in £ not $) is appreciated. We are fast approaching a time when our currency in the UK is worthless anyway!
  12. In the UK, tipping in $USD is no more acceptable than tipping in £ would be in Teaneck NJ. Of course tour guides and bus drivers would probably be too polite to say anything. What they would think is of course something else entirely!
  13. Don't you ever think that if a Government bans its citizens from visiting another country that is not a good thing?
  14. Our experiences of excursions in Morocco on this cruise were a bit better than those of kjbacon and our guides and bus drivers in both Agadir and Casablanca were fine, even though the microphones in both had feedback which made listening to the commentary painful. We have travelled quite a bit in poorer countries but there was something which made Casablanca in particular seem unsettling and chaotic. The traffic in Casablanca was also terrible which made the tours late getting back. Having said that, I would not have missed them for the world. Cruising with Regent is maybe the easiest and softist form of travel but it is still good and important at least to me to see something of how other people live and at least a bit of what life is like in other parts of the world. By contrast the (included) excursion we took in the next port, Cadiz was one of the best we have taken anywhere on any cruise. We went to Jerez in a small group of 11 (I think there were some dropouts after Casablanca!) and after a walk round the town visited the Gonzalez Byass bodega. The tour was great in a lovely setting with copious free sherry tastings and no pressure to buy. Cadiz in Holy Week was packed but it was still a real pleasure to walk around the old town in the afternoon. I should also say that the included excursions in La Palma and Tenerife were also very good and the destinations services staff obliging and professional.
  15. Thank you for the best wishes, much appreciated. We have holidayed previously in Madeira and been on the cable car, Monte etc so just went into Funchal this morning and enjoyed a walk round the market and back through the gardens on the promenade to the ship. We spoke to friends who had been on the cable car and botanical gardens trip who had enjoyed the excursion. Funchal seems much improved since we were here in 2013 when they were still repairing the damage from the floods and mudslides. The new water system on board is no big deal, it simply means that plastic bottles in suites are replaced by refillable glass bottles. Extra water is available on request. Plastic straws also replaced by paper ones. Seems a sensible first step. we sail at 5pm tonight so hope the poor sea conditions are a thing of the past.
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