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  1. We took the Homelands cruise and loved it. We flew out of Denver but did not have a direct flight (we had Viking Air Plus). We had a connection in NJ. We did fly nonstop from Frankfurt to Denver on our return. We were in Stockholm for 4 days and saw so much. Really happy that we added it on. I was disappointed in the post stay for Bergen. Everything was great but we sure wish we had more time in Oslo. With the limited time we were still able to see some great sites but I felt let down that we didn't have enough time to explore on our own. It sounds like you plan to do it on your own so you will be much better off. I see you mentioned Alla and we were extremely pleased with them. We were sorry that we didn't use them in any other city than St Petersburg. They kept us in front of the crowds at all sites. If you are interested in Pulpit Rock in Stavanger you can do it cheaper than Viking by using Norled or Rodne. They are just a very short walk from the ship. You can buy your tickets ahead of time online. Surprisingly, our favorite port was Eidfjord. They don't always stop there so your itinerary may not. We didn't do the included tour or an optional tour. We actually spent the day on a beautiful hike on our own. Fresh air and no hustle and bustle of a tour. It was wonderful. We used a TA and saved 2500.00 BUT the TA's can no longer give you discounts. They can only offer onboard credit. We usually book things on our own but would definitely use our TA again.
  2. I don't mind it at all. Do we really need to run two things at a time? Logging in really isn't a chore.
  3. I agree with all of Peregrina's points. If I wasn't properly informed I would have walked out. I want politics left at home when I am on a vacation.
  4. SM77, we like to tip in the local currency as well.
  5. We got the ours at Wells Fargo. It's not our bank but you can order from them. We sat down and figured out about how much we would be spending including tips and ordered that amount. If we had any leftovers, Wells Fargo would buy them back. We ran out in Denmark but luckily the cabs accepted credit cards. I think we got 7 or 8 different currencies all at the same time. We liked having the money beforehand so we didn't have to take the time in port to look for an ATM.
  6. We were DV and got everything the minute it was opened. Also, got Chef's Table and Manfredi's and the times we wanted.
  7. Sorry you missed Antigua. We loved it. BUT, I love your attitude and I love the way Viking handled it for you. Hoping the rest of your trip goes perfect.
  8. This ^^^^^. Viking did a great job of stopping the spread of Noro on the Star and Mr Beans stated above what all Viking did for the Sea. As stated above it can happen on any cruise line.
  9. Viking does provide a shuttle but I am not certain where we docked. Let me give everyone advice and don't be stupid like us. We were dropped off by the shuttle bus and told that we could pick it up in the same area. We shopped, enjoyed the area and was ready to be picked up. The Viking representative was there and we carried on a conversation with her as we waited. A bus pulled up and we jumped on. As we pulled into the port we realized the bus was for the wrong cruise line. We talked to the bus driver and he couldn't take us back. He was scheduled to stay at the port as it was embarkation day for them. We tried hailing a taxi but to no avail. Went inside the terminal and a very nice staff member was able to get us a taxi back to the Star. Moral of the story is to always make sure that you are getting on the right bus even if there is a Viking staff member standing right there. We still laugh to this day.
  10. Thankfully, Viking was able to isolate it fairly well. I applaud them. It could have been much worse.
  11. Thanks for the link. 36 of 904 (3.98%) Passengers Number of crew who have reported being ill during the voyage out of total number of crew onboard: 1 of 461 (0.22%) It was sounding like a widespread outbreak by the posts.
  12. We have made a life long friend that worked on Rivers and then went to Ocean. We became so close that she calls us papa and mama and then our first names behind it. We video chat all the time. Let me put your mind at ease, Viking is NOT lying and to imply that is absurd.
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