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  1. I refuse to live in a bubble, constant fears, and always scrutinizing. Lived all these years without fears. Pretty sure I will be fine for a few more.
  2. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing!
  3. Ragnar, I can't add to the list because I truly find it a bit over the top. My first thought on this whole post was how do people go through life worrying about every little germ that might be lurking. Then I read your post about buffets and just shook my head. What can I say? We ate many, many, meals at the World Cafe. Never got sick. Never over indulged because I have self control. If I don't want sushi and chocolate cake on the same plate, I would simply get two plates or better yet finish my meal and then go for dessert. World Cafe does have made to order items. The staff was always attentive. I would never feel like a fellow passenger is being rude by getting up midstream of a conversation at a buffet.
  4. We just stopped by our bank and ordered a small dollar amount of each currency. What wasn't used, they bought back from us. That way we didn't waste precious port time looking for an ATM.
  5. Michelle, I'm not sure if you did but, perhaps, you should read the entire thread. So much has been explained by a couple of true experts. Luckily, we had them to explain a lot during and after the event. I am in the camp of waiting to point fingers at the Captain until the result of the true investigation is revealed. I think any one of us would want the same if we were in his shoes.
  6. jiminyC_fan

    WATER ?

    You might want to read this article. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/wellbeing/6952532/Why-do-my-feet-and-ankles-swell-when-Im-on-a-ships-cruise.html
  7. You do realize that the noro will be all over the ship and not just in the World Cafe, right? No cruise ship line is free from Noro. I don't find it "appalling" enough, as mentioned above, not to sail with them. They switched things up and addressed it fast. Now, don't complain that they are not turning the tables over fast enough for the next diners.
  8. I'm thinking that since you know that you are not a maritime or technical expert that perhaps you should sit back, relax and wait for the experts to do their work like the rest of us. Of course there are questions that need to be answered but how can they be a couple of days after the incident? Speculating or pretending to know doesn't do anyone a bit of good. Your cruise(s) certainly could be different and comparing to this voyage is wrong. No one has the full knowledge yet. Wait for the reports. I've been on a cruise (not Viking) where a hurricane changed its path in the middle of the night and we had to ride it out. I don't need to compare this to that nor does it make me a pro. Different storm, different ship, different locality. Just wait for the report.
  9. I hope this person doesn't mind me quoting his Facebook post. It sure tells you how Viking handled things. I wish all the people judging Viking could read this. "As a passenger on the Viking Sky that was stranded in Norway, I want to say that the captain and crew on the Sky did an exceptional job keeping us informed, safe and comfortable during the crisis. Viking did an exceptional job of rebooking air to get us from the port in Moulde to home with minimal issues. While the whole ordeal was frightening, it was NOT as terrifyingly scary as the news media portrayed it to be. (Surprise, surprise, surprise—they do not have the big picture) This was not at all like the Carnival Cruise ship stranded in the Caribbean, we could not muster outdoors due to cold, wind and rain and large waves and the ship was dangerously close to rocks (think Costa Condordia). Prior to leaving the Sky in Moulde for the trip to the airport, we met with Torstein Hagen, founder and CEO of Viking. He stated that we would all receive a refund for the cruise and a Viking voucher for a free future Viking Cruise. This again is unlike how Carnival handled their Caribbean stranding where each guest was only given a $200 credit for another Carnival Cruise . ****as an addendum, my correction follows, Carnival comped the passengers on the stranded vessel for the cruise and reimbursed them $2000, per a individual who apparently was part of the affected cruise ***** Viking again comes though showing the reasons they are simply THE best when it comes to cruising. They could give lessons to the other cruise lines as well as a few US companies about correct, excellent customer service and caring for and about the people who travel with them. GO VIKING ! I could add more accolades for Viking, the Captain and crew as well as the fine people of Moulde, Norway who came to the pier to give the ship and everyone a warm Norwegian welcome but I will stop here for now. Will I cruise with Viking again? an unequivocal YES. Would I do this particular cruise again with Viking, again YES (especially since the Lights did not materialize as we had hoped) My advice, if you do have a cruise booked with Viking in the future, please make your own decision if you decide to cancel; however,take it from me when I say that while the ordeal was dangerous and frightening, the Captain and crew were exceptional in how it was handled and how we as guests were treated. One final item of a very positive nature, Viking CHARTERED a flight from Moulde to Oslo to get us there in time for a 0600 hour flight to Frankfurt. Still more reason to trust Viking and the way that they handled this potentially very serious misadventure." 222
  10. chengkp75, just a simple thank you for taking time to address all the questions and putting a stop to many of the uninformed speculation. Your time and expertise is much appreciated.
  11. I was trying to figure out what to say in this regard and you said it perfectly. I think people need to sit back and let the experts do their job. Assuming and putting blame on the situation when the facts aren't even known seems a bit premature and judgmental.
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