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  1. I suggest calling Viking direct on this question.
  2. Does anyone have a link to a live webcam in NYC? I would love to watch the Magic sail out tomorrow. Our daughter and SIL will be on it. We were suppose to be, also, but my husband's heath is preventing it. Thanks!
  3. I don't think we as guests should expect Viking to provide a US Holiday feast including turkey and all the trimmings. I can't even imagine complaining about not getting pumpkin pie. WOW
  4. I have long, thick curly hair. Viking's hairdryers work perfectly for me.
  5. I wonder if the gentleman in sweats had back issues. I know for me and, also, my brother wearing pants can be terribly uncomfortable. They put pressure on our backs. I'm not making excuses as I did wear slacks and dresses but I just wonder if it's related to health issues for him. If no one took the time to talk to him you would never know his story.
  6. Our transfer in Stockholm a couple years ago went great. They sent us off in a private BMW because there weren't enough people coming in and they didn't want us to wait.
  7. Wonder if it was loud because of the diners there. We didn't find it loud in the least and maybe the difference is the diners at that particular time.
  8. I did A LOT of research before our Homelands cruise and Stockholm was the only one that people didn't recommend the included tour. We skipped it and toured it on our own. We were there for 3 days and loved every minute of it. We got the Stockholm Pass which included transportation and some points of interest and it worked out great.
  9. Never once noticed an off putting smell from the World Cafe and we had every breakfast and most dinners from there. We ate lunch at the pool grill. It surprises me that there is a whole post dedicated to something so trivial.
  10. We brought all currencies with us and thankful we did. Had we not had any and depended on CC's we would never have been able to do or buy anything in Bergen. Their whole system was down. We believe that we don't accept foreign currency here at home. Why should we expect them to accept USD for our convenience? Yes, they happily accept it but what can they do when a tip is offered in USD? Say no. I don't accept them?
  11. Our cruise was the end of May, beginning of June and the weather was perfect. If we would do it again we would book the exact same time. I can't remember the temps. We did dress in layers. We had rain in a couple of ports but it wasn't an all day rain. We had rain while visiting Pulpit Rock in Stavanger and it was a cold rain. The other port was not.
  12. We've always had the perfect guides. We do like TGBoss and get the included tour in the morning and strike out after it to see/do what we want. I do a lot of research before any cruise and have the highlights of each port printed out. Part of my research is must eat restaurants to have lunch. Missing a meal on the ship is no biggie to us. Experiencing the real food of the country is more important. The free shuttles are extremely helpful.
  13. Thanks. We haven't figured it all out yet but hope the surprise works out.
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