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  1. Thank you. I'm glad somebody appreciated it! I thought a review would be a welcome change from all of the corona virus and cancellation posts, but apparently not. 🥺
  2. Pictures from first post didn't show up right...trying again....
  3. Behind the scenes tour: This was very interesting. We got to see the kitchen, the engine control room, the provisions area on Deck 1 (or maybe Deck zero?), the laundry room, one of the areas where the crew gets to chill, and the bridge. As soon as our group entered the bridge, Captain Kate saw us and quickly came over to greet us. She is so nice & personable and of course she had her cat with her, so we were greeted by Bug Naked with a friendly meow, LOL. We also went to Capt. Kate’s Q&A later in the week and I highly recommend it. She is smart, funny, personable, and has some great st
  4. Ship in general: We loved the Edge! Very beautiful and well laid out. Not too big but yet not too small. The Magic Carpet seems to be a waste. We were sitting on it on Deck 14 as we were getting ready to sail away from Key West. We had great seats on a comfy couch looking directly outward. Then we were told we had to leave. I guess they were getting ready to move it down to Deck 5. And I thought it was supposed to be used for better tendering, but it was not used for that purpose when we tendered in Grand Cayman. The Rooftop Garden is a great space but needs some shade during the day. Eden is
  5. Hello, Quick background - my husband and I are in our mid 50's. We've cruised about a half dozen times on various cruise lines - RC, Carnival, Princess and Celebrity. Up until this Edge cruise, the Celebrity Summit was our favorite. We almost always do inside cabins - we just don't spend enough time in our cabin to warrant paying extra for a window or balcony. We took advantage of the Veteran's Day deal & got all 4 perks for a low price. Embarkation: Download the app and do the Expedited check-in!! You scan your passport and add your own pic to the app ahead of time &
  6. Did I miss something? Are they quarantined, or are they self-quarantining?
  7. Not true! She said so on the March 1 sailing Q&A. Some reason related to her cat. She did say that most captains move about every few years though, so she won't be on the Edge forever.
  8. Oh ok. She was on board a week early then. She was on last week and the all-female sail is this week.
  9. Oh ok, thanks. She was not our cruise director last week, it was Simon.
  10. Does anybody know who the grey-haired woman is? I noticed her several times on the Edge last week. The first time I saw her she was going into a "crew only" door with an obvious crew member in uniform, however she was not in any uniform. She was dressed very nicely - nice dress and heals, like she was ready for evening chic dinner but it was not evening chic night. Then I noticed her several other times throughout the cruise, always dressed up just as nice. She was never with anybody else, I always saw her walking by alone. Then just yesterday she shows up in this picture that Captain Kate pos
  11. I was hoping to give an update on the strike situation, but we were not able to dock there today due to the weather. Rough seas today [emoji305] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Thanks everybody. We do have the unlimited Wi-fi package, so it looks like wi-fi calling will be an excellent thing to use for this. Thanks!
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