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  1. I love good endings to these type of stories
  2. Basic $131 Premium $191. 5 bottles. You have to call to order it .
  3. Does anyone know where to buy real BM Coffee near the port in Ocho Rios
  4. You can bring 1 bottle of wine pp and 12 sodas pp for your cabin Also Carnival offers water cheap thru the fun shops for your room. That could cover some of the cost.
  5. Bases5

    Slot Pull?

    So the host should pay the tax's if there is a hand pay and everyone else walks scott free?
  6. San Juan ATV Permit or learner driver license not permitted to drive. One (1) person per vehicle; no passengers. All drivers must present a valid driver's license and an active credit card for a $500 (refundable) damage deposit in the event of an incident caused by the driver's negligence resulting in property damage to vehicle/vessel or other structures. Guests must bring Visa or Master Card for damages deposit hold before the excursion. Guests must be of legal age to consume alcohol.
  7. We had the same results. I really don't drink at all at home and the DW drinks some wine. We do drink a little on vacation. We start off the first few days OK but we just don't keep up that pace. I know they say 5-6 drinks a day break even plus coffee but at the end of the day we are usually $100-$200 short of Cheers on a 7 day cruise. I think its a great option for many people but just not that great for us. Hope you had a great cruise!!
  8. Bases5

    Slot Pull?

    What should the host percentage be in the odd chance we hit a Hand Pay during the slot pull
  9. Next cruise Our cabin is directly under the pizza place. I wonder if there is a secret dum waiter in our room we can just send up for a slice.
  10. I just tried and everything is working for me. 3:20 pm eastern
  11. They should be at the coffee café on deck 5 Promenade I have not been on Victory but that's where they are on other ships
  12. That picture make since of the deck plan Thanks
  13. Checking out the deck plan on Oasis. All the way aft next to the aqua suites there seems to be an open space. Is this an outside public space, a balcony type location? If so are their any chairs in these locations. Thanks
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