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  1. I don’t have any inside knowledge but I bet sister ships will be put on hold awhile also
  2. I always get offers. Some good some not so good. I check daily under my profile and look at offers. Some only last a few days. You look at the dates those offers are available. A certain offer may only be available on 1 cruise a month. You just never know.. Don’t wait on e-mail or snail mail to look for deals Good luck and keep checking.
  3. Absolutely we will cruise again. I hope this ends sooner rather than later,
  4. For our August cruise that we had booked way before Covid 19 there is only a few rooms available and the price is much higher.
  5. I was trying to find out the actual deposit date without calling. Is there a way to check? I can't find my conformation e-mail. When I look in the cruise planner or print documents it always has todays date. When I look under cruise planner the invoice shows payment amounts but no date. I could check my credit card statement but it could be off a day or 2 from the actual purchase to posting. Any ideas?
  6. In the past if you cancelled a cruise with FCC you would lose the FCC, I don't know anymore, things are so different and rules are not the same. I'm thinking it might be different if you cancel vs Carnival canceling. I'm in the same boat some what. I have a cruise book for late August that a good portion was paid for with FCC from our cancelled cruise from hurricane Dorian last summer. We rebooked and then wanted to change and I was told I would lose my FCC if I rebooked so we stayed with the August cruise. Sorry for not really answering anything.
  7. I would love that option. But when I checked it would cost me $700 if I chose to change. $200 more on cruise fair and the lost of $500 OBC for a casino deal
  8. Yes The FCC part is on the cruise fair only. You will get cash back for everything else (taxes, port fees), any thing you bought online shore excursions cheers etc) The cash back will go to the original form of payment.
  9. Times are changing, But in the past you could not use OBC for anything before you were onboard.
  10. We canceled no 3-09 and refund hit on 03-12.
  11. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22613-carnival-cruise-line-details-dock-locations-for-its-fleet.html
  12. I hope you are correct. I pretty much have them all but feel pretty darn healthy. I hope to cruise again one day
  13. If they stick to these requirements I guess my days of cruising is over. I take diabetic meds and my A1C has been less than 6 for years. I’m in my early 50’. This just sucks. I have all this FCC plus 2 more cruises booked in the future with non refundable deposit. I hope they will give me cash refunds if this is why I can’t cruise
  14. insurance is normally non refundable since you have been covered since the day you booked it. Maybe you also have a non refundable deposit. I would wait until closer to final payment, maybe Carnival will extend there cancellation policy’s dates. I was in the current cancel dates and the gave me a FCC for my non refundable deposit.
  15. In my experience you cannot re price if your category is sold out. However if a higher category is open and the price is lower you can upgrade to the lower price. The drawback is you have to relocate and you might not like the new location.
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