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  1. Do they have door hangers you put out the night before for breakfast or do you call in the morning? Is there an approximate time it takes to get room service?
  2. So do we. I’m the one that suggested it in the first place. If you read the post I was answering it didn’t seem like he was aware that the 50% was a steakhouse offer. I was just making him aware
  3. The 50% off is at the steakhouse so you are paying $38 pp for diner to get the 50% off
  4. I just used a 50% FCC and 50% refund for a Hurricane Dorian cruise. I can confirm it was 50% of what I paid for the infected cruise, not the future one. It's also cruise fare only not anything else. Also you can't use it for your deposit. You pay a new deposit and apply the FCC after that.
  5. Yes but the selection is poor. Best bet is to order from the dining room. No corkage fee if buy there wine. We eat at the steakhouse either the first or second night. Instead of the free bottle we buy 4 or 5 bottles at 50% off. We take one to the cabin and have them save the rest to be served in the main dinning room. Another option is call the fun shops ( can't do it on line) and buy cruise the vineyard package.
  6. I see they offer Chops selection in the main dining room. Do these selections change or are these the same. Also are they as good. I know on Carnival for example the steaks in my opinion are not as good as the steak house due to not having the same grilling equipment.
  7. I assume the classics on the above menu are there every night or do those change also
  8. It was there this morning. 12 pack for $4.99 plus 18% delivery fee
  9. Shampoo Shower jell, T.P Tissue, Bar Soap. That’s about it.
  10. Look under the picture where the menu is. Click on the menu and there is a link to make reservations. Book early.
  11. Ours is Aruba till 11: Grand Turk till 6: But after checking we are the only ship in port except for Turks and that is only a Fantasy class and she leaves at 2. Bonaire is till 4. HMC till 4 all around not bad. Like you we have been to Aruba & Curacao many time but this will be the first time in Bonaire, They say it's the best snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  12. Awesome I love this Itinerary Not a fan of La Roma where most of these Aruba cruise's stop. Also very few stop at Bonaire
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