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  1. Does anybody know if the frozen non alcoholic cocktails are included in the non alcoholic drinks package. We know Mocktails are included. We are on our first P and O cruise in January, on Britannia. Thanks for any responses.
  2. We have been on Independence of the seas which also have similar cabins at the front. Our friends staying in one of these cabins were very ill with the movement. Up and down and sideways. The seas were not particularly rough. We were fine midship. A lot of people that we spoke to said they had the same problem. Tony
  3. We are on the Anthem later this year. Perhaps I am being stupid but does the replenish package mean you can only get sodas from the freestyle machines with your cup, or can you still order from bars without your cup? we were not able to get a complimentary drinks package included so we were looking at either soda or replenish and then pay for cocktails as an extra. Hope it's the same as it used to be as it seems you would be very limited if you could only get sodas from machines. Look forward to your replies. Tony
  4. Hi Project gal Thanks for the reply. As long as I have the hotel info, which at present I can not retrieve from the Celebrity web site (Can't get into pre/post cruise planner. Problems with web site). I will get this from TA. I can make my own way to hotel by taking a taxi as suggested by welshfamily. Seems like it is very much hit and miss with regards to the rep, but will not allow this to be a big problem. When we cruised with Royal Caribbean from New York we never found a rep at the airport. We went straight to courtesy bus area and took bus to hotel. Thank you all for your help it has been a great. I will register for meet and mingle at the weekend hope to speakk with Triock on that forum. Once again many many thanks
  5. Hi Project Gal, I have spoken with my TA and they are a Celebrity agent, everything has been booked direct with Celebrity. When I get with in a few weeks of the cruise I will confirm Hotel details and pick up details. I will get email conformation and contact numbers for Celebrity in Miami, in case nobody visable at Miami Intl. Hopefully I would have all eventualities covered. Can't thank you all enough for your help. Happy cruising.
  6. Hi Project gal, Many thanks. Seems to pot luck if a rep is present. If necessary I will make my own way to Hotel. Thank you Tupian, I found the hotel info when I logged into my cruises. Just checked again and all pre cruise info has disappeared. I will contact my travel agent nearer the cruise to get more accurate info. Thanks Triock, I will register on the Roll call later this week. Many many thanks for all your help.
  7. Hi Flacruiser99. I have not joined the roll call yet. I have been on a few cruise but never booked for meet and mingle. perhaps I should. I think your right should have asked there first. Many thanks for your help.
  8. Hi walesforever, We have been informed that we are staying overnight at Hilton Miami airport. What worries me, if no reps are present and there is a hotel change. Hopefully this will not happen. Do they give you a contact number for Celebrity. As we are arriving after 6pm the cruise desk might be closed. Many thanks
  9. Hi jonsmum, Thank you for the reply. This is exactly what happened with Royal Caribbean. Seems like I have a few options, try finding Celebrity desk or making way to exit and boarding courtesy bus. They do not make it easy with all those cases. Many thanks
  10. Hi Mistymya, I have been looking for the Celebrity shuttle from Heathrow to Southampton. As far as I can see there doesn't seem to be one. Have a look at this link http://www.londontoolkit.com/travel/heathrow_southampton.htm Heathrow Southampton is approx 65 miles. I would imagine that a coach would be provided by Celebrity if you booked transportation. Celebrity do not seem to pass out much information. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, Mistymya, That's great, Do not think we have a cruise counter at any Uk airports. Will bear that in mind if a rep is not visable Thanks
  12. Hi Orator. Thank you so much. Puts my mind at ease.
  13. Hi Orator, thanks for the reply. We have booked with a UK travel agent that books direct with celebrity. It includes Hotel, both before and after cruise. I have contacted the agent who has confirmed that transportation is included but said that she expected that a Rep would meet us at the airport. Just wondered if anybody has experience of Miami airport and Celebrity rep. Many thanks
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