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  1. greenp

    Watt Bikes

    Hi Does anyone know if any Ships have Watt Bikes in the Fitness Centres. Thanks Paul
  2. greenp

    Azura Gym

    Thanks for replys, pity gym does not open till 08:00hrs
  3. greenp

    Azura Gym

    Hi does anyone know if the gym has free weights ? Is there a Concept 2 rowing machine ? and is the Sauna or Steam room available to use or do you have to pay for this ? Many thanks paul
  4. greenp

    Azura - Hand Gel

    Hi Freda Sorry I offended you and my comment was not necessary to make the point about the lack of enforcement to use hand gel. Our last to cruises were with Celebrity who did deploy staff to dispence gel on the entrances to all eating venues. So I was shocked when I read reviews mentioning on the Azura this was not the case. Like you Littlesteelo if you walked past , say talking, you felt bad that you had missed it. I wonder if its a Ship thing, cutting staff to save costs rather than a company issue ? However P+O need to address this on the Azura
  5. greenp

    Brewer's Bay

    Hi Macmarya Would you recommend you arrange the same taxi to pick you up or can you catch another ? 2nd March fly to ship in Barbados Paul
  6. greenp

    Azura - Hand Gel

    Hopefully someone from P+O reads the reviews. I think the visable enforcement / encouragement makes people more aware of the issues, you will always get the old lady who picks up every pear in the bowl until she find the soft one !!
  7. greenp

    Azura - Hand Gel

    Hi 1st time with P+O 2/3/12, I was reading some December reviews on Cruise.co.uk and many comment on the lack of enforcement to use hand gel before entering dining room's / buffet ?? is this your experience? Paul
  8. greenp

    Thomas Cook Flight 2nd March

    Thanks Well Ive just booked seats and on air craft seating plan it shows 3x3x3 so do you think thats better than 50/50 its a A300-200 ? Cost over £75 for the 3 of us to sit window to walkway Paul
  9. Hi Flying from Manchester to Barbados 2nd March, TCX 254, does anyone know what plane they are using, seat configuration in main body is 3-3-3. Will it have seat back TV's Thanks Paul
  10. greenp

    Equinox entertainment

    Hi Goldencruiser did you see the variety show with Amy and the comedian ? Carl somebody. What did you think of the comedian ?
  11. greenp

    Equinox entertainment

    Look out for and avoid Amy Abler a very poor act. Athough she played the piano very well the act was very very poor.
  12. greenp

    Alcohol in Luggage

    Hi all Could I ask what are Rum Runners ?
  13. Hey CCnoob2010 If you get away with fishing, do you think I could do some clay pigion shooting from the balcony??
  14. greenp

    Deep sea fishing from AFT stateroom balcony

    [quote name='CCnoob2010']I would like to clean it, put it on ice, and send up to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Exactly! I would even share with my tablemates.[/quote] Celebrity will charge you $25 'A Catch fee' to eat your own fish ! Remember they are part of 'Pirates of the Royal Caribbean'
  15. greenp

    A 13 year old in the gym

    [quote name='Softball20']My read on these rules is that the cruise lines (and gyms) don't want kids in there who don't know what they are doing and just go into play around. It's not only a liability issue, but a pain for those of us who do like to work out. For me, however, that same "pain" can be said of adults who decide that they are going to start working out on vacation, and also don't know what they are doing and take up time and space on the equipment. My girls typically would go to the gym before the were "of age," (which varies by cruise line) and as they are both athletes, they did know what they were doing and went in to use the gym for the purpose for which it was designed, and not to play. I'd say that if your son knows what he is doing, you should try. We always did, and I don't ever remember them being asked to leave. It's great that he likes to work out and wants to keep it up on vacation!!!!![/quote] Softball 20 Great point, clearly some of the Gym users have never been inside a gym until they get on a ship, why is that. You brought a smile to may face. And boy you do see some sights !