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  1. excellent!!! extremely helpful info! thanks so much
  2. Question ... as diamond members , I read that we'll receive 3 complimentary drink vouchers. We don't generally utilize these, as we get the drink package (I know that might sound foolish to some, but we find it's the best choice for us, for a number of reasons). So our drink vouchers always just go to waste. We were wondering if it is permeable to give away our drink vouchers since we have no need for them? BY NO MEANS do we desire to "cheat the system" or break any rules, I just can't seem to find anywhere if it would be legal to do so. Thanks!!!
  3. I just noticed a royal Caribbean shore excursion for Roatan that I don't recall seeing before, the "OVERWATER BUNGALOW EXPERIENCE" I was wondering if anyone has taken this? thanks!!!
  4. Thank you so much! That is very helpful to know! We've always enjoyed Blue Lagoon & will just go for the standard experience.
  5. Hello, we have never done the Ultimate Dining Package before & I have a few questions (FYI, sailing the Allure next month) First off, we are traveling with friends and would like to book our dining reservations together. I know for the first night the ship pre-books your dinner reservation, how do I go about getting the 4 of us on the same reservation? (if I'm understanding correctly, beyond that, I go to any restaurant and book the rest of the reservations, for the trip... so I'm sure from hence forth booking together will not be an issue) Second, I've read a bit of varying policies regarding the lunches, where they are available, if they are available on embarkation day, etc. I am comfortable waiting until we board to know the specifics of our sailing. But my question is, once on board how will I know? Will there be any sort of paperwork in our room letting us know the details of the dining package. AND, since the rooms do not open until 1pm, how will I know if we get lunch on our embarkation day? Third, we have dietary restrictions in our party. When we dine in the main dining room we are used to the head waiter taking care of our needs. Is there any way to notify the restaurant in advance of our restrictions or any other advice for the Ultimate Dining Package & Dietary needs ? Lastly, is the first night reservation somewhat flexible? (our sailing is only 39 days away & still has much availability) we have Mama Mia booked for 8pm so it will need to be an early dinner. And there is one restaurant that we have no interest in. If they happen to book us there, have you generally found that there is flexibility to move that first night's reservation? Thanks for the helpful advice!
  6. Has anyone recently done the Blue Lagoon VIP experience??? We see from photos that off to the right side of the dock there is a new area with (what looks like) beach beds, blue loungers, ect. I know years ago the VIP experience was way off in the back-area of the island, but is it possible it has moved to the right of the dock/main bar ??? Any info would be great. We have done Blue Lagoon several times over the years, but have never tried the VIP experience, considering it this year. Thanks!
  7. Just curios if we should notify anyone in advance of sailing? We booked directly thru Royal Caribbean (did not use a travel agent) and booked the same cabin for back to back Mariner sailings next month.Once on board, I planed to go down to guest relations & make them aware that we are consecutive cruisers. But I was just wondering if there is any way to notify them in advance? Thanks!
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