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  1. Never intentionally an eavesdropper, but you're right, sometimes hard to avoid and keep one's mouth wisely shut. Will figure it all out. Might be just a factor of the passenger mix on my previous sailings. Just so enjoy that entire bar/restaurant ambience.
  2. I don't either, just always enjoyed the conversation at the bar. More social.
  3. Darn! Was a great way for a solo to dine in Prime C.
  4. Is it still possible to order from the menu and dine at the bar in Prime C?
  5. Which I completely understood. Just was funny, especially since we were turned down for our request for the lounger when another aft suite was granted theirs. Just the little games we play...
  6. I easily took my rocker out on my own. However, every time I did, my steward brought it back in next time he was in the room.
  7. Without a doubt the crew. With the exception of my butler and steward, they were uniformly excellent. Clearly happy to be there, proud of their new positions, and eager to help.
  8. I begrudge you nothing! You've done so much for so many... and you were injured! They do need to get their act together, however, for the aft suites at the very least. It was a WONDERFUL cruise! I don't sweat the small stuff like that.
  9. We noticed throughout the cruise, regardless of where we dined, when the waiter/ess introduced themselves, the first question was if we had any allergies. Quite a change from previous sailings, and while we don't have any limitations, a very nice addition we thought.
  10. Sadly, one deck down from you, I attempted similar, leaving a very nice note for our Butler (who was rarely to be found unless he was disturbing us when he knew we were resting) with a VERY generous tip on the bed the first afternoon... but was told it was absolutely impossible to have a lounger on our aft S1 balcony. We got a lovely arrangement of flowers instead 😞
  11. Marilyn, really looking forward to meeting you! I think I'm going to end up with a very similar perspective about the ship - we seem to view things similarly esthetically pleasing. I'll be looking for you in Retreat, or you might spot me first... am a bit more vertically challenged than you with longish auburn-blonde hair.
  12. Anyone in the 10267 "Club" I'll report tomorrow as well 😉
  13. Have always liked the view from the ES, and the service. Enjoy and will join you onboard tomorrow!
  14. Is PNG also covered? I use PNF as I get discounts there and like the covered aspect.
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