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  1. I was thinking the same. Thanksgiving is coming up. Please be thankful that you have any mass, no matter the time. You will be on ship with people of many different faiths and some with no faith. Nothing beats gratitude.
  2. Maybe we should try thinking outside the box. Perhaps HAL is thinking about the future, knowing that our planet is quickly running out of resources that are needed to survive, especially the resources that concern transport, food and many others that we take for granted. By refusing to buy into the massive movers of folk on the sea, HAL may be acting wisely. I am hoping that the MS Koningsdam and its sister ship will be as far as they go with size. They are beautiful ships; however, with declining resources prices will surely rise for any cruise.
  3. Thankfully, there is a ship today for any person's taste. I have little to complain about HAL. Those whose expectations have not been met can surely find another line, although be warned, no line is perfect, and neither are we. I admit that some complaints are genuine and should be addressed, but it seems to me that, on this site, misery loves company.
  4. Had a completely different experience on the Rotterdam, so I am sorry that you experienced the opposite. I hope, though, that you try a different line.
  5. Here is my subjective reply: We were on the Zaandam in July. We could have eaten in the "Orange" room that was in a corner of the main dining room; however the food and service was so good in the main dining room that we did not see the point in eating elsewhere. We were not that impressed with our last Celebrity cruise. We found one of their specialty restaurants ("Q") gimmicky. We went twice to their French themed restaurant. The first time was an embarrassment. We were on the cruise with two friends who own property in France and for a long time have spent many months there each year. A very pretentious waiter started to lecture us on how to eat French food. He did not back off when we told him our friends were fluent in French and had spent years there. The waiter had been intrusive throughout the meal. We had paid for three specialty meals, so decided to go back to the French one but requested a different waiter, and had a better experience. Yup! It is subjective.
  6. This WILL be my last post here. I just had a chuckle thinking about the ways in which Hal is not what it used to be. The chuckle? Neither am I. I know my chuckle has nothing to do with the topic, but I like to smile.
  7. I appreciated your question. One more point, and then I am moving on from this topic. Questions should never have only three responses, particularly "yes" or "no" answers.
  8. It would have to be composed of several neutral questions, not only one, and would certainly not lay any implied change on one person. Major changes are never the result of one person in a company. As you can certainly tell, I am not a fan of polls and would not want any part in them. Also, people polled should always be a random sample. An impossibility on this site.
  9. Actually, I was writing about graduate level studies taken by me. Even the question "Do you like the direction . . ." is flawed. "like" and "direction" can be interpreted very differently. Hence, my continued skepticism.
  10. I am assuming, then, that you have taken graduate statistics and quantitative research methods. Impressive.
  11. Have sailed on both. Positives on Azamara were the officers who were seen constantly, and were friendly, and their special event that introduced us to a Mayor, a jazz band, and locals. On the other hand, even though we were in a verandah cabin, we felt cramped, and had the same feeling in the main dining room despite having open dining. Also, some people abuse the "free" alcohol policy. Of course, it is not really free, but we saw a lot of tipsy people on our Mediterranean cruise, not so many on HAL.
  12. I tend to be skeptical about most polling data. They are snapshots of a viewpoint at a particular point in time. Responders to such polls tend to be people who are either extremely negative or extremely positive. I take them with "a pinch of salt," if you know what I mean.
  13. I agree with the concern about so-called comfort dogs. Service dogs are wonderful, not so "comfort dogs." Last year, on a Southwest flight, two comfort dogs were directly behind us. We did not put up a stink, but the dog certainly did--it pooed. Perhaps all those who need their comfort dogs with them should 1) not fly or 2) be given a stuffed animal to cuddle or 3) their "blankie" or pacifier. Yes, I am a skeptic.
  14. There is no problem in asking for half portions of different items; however, I hope those who want double entrees finish everything. I just feel embarrassed when so much is wasted, especially in the Lido.
  15. I am hoping then that you are not one of the people who are complaining about the casual approach to cruising these days. Just wondering why you cannot name him Orlando Ashford.
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