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  1. We have cruised on the Breeze several times and it’s sister ship the Magic several times too. We cruise again on the Breeze on August 3rd. we love it because it’s not too small and not too big. There is something for everyone and the layout is really good. The decor is beautiful done in neutral shades. We just really like it. I think you will too!
  2. Ed you are right......we we’re on the first week of the back to back luckily port intensive cruise so off the ship a lot. A few days in people were gathering in the halls complaining. The pot is what really sent me over. Not to mention these occupants were so trashed, partying and loudly fighting that a fire hazard was a real possibility. I did use my little platinum priority customer service number and complain finally though security had been saying close to that cabin for a few days.
  3. I think that is a good idea. We love My Time Dining and if you find a server you like definitely request them. When you check in you can also tell them that you don’t mind sharing a table with others. Have fun.
  4. We had this happen on back 2 back cruises we took. It started out the first night and second day with cigarette smoke and the cabin steward actually quietly asked us about it as well as the passengers in the other balcony cabin on the other side of the “smoking cabin”. By the fourth day it had progressed into them smoking weed. When we got back on the ship from our excursion on the 5th day that cabin was empty. I was glad CCL took it so seriously and did something about it. My main concern was the fire hazard though the smell was so strong we couldn’t even sit on our balconies. This included t
  5. I am having a major brain block on which nights to expect elegant nights on the Breeze (western) in August. Can someone remind me please? I have done this exact sailing 2 times in a row but am blank. 🤯🤦🏼‍♀️ Thank you in advance for helping me. T
  6. Thank you. Considering the age of the boys I wish there was a pool cabana open but there isn’t. We had to cancel our SB Horizon cruise because I’m going through treatment for breast cancer so I am glad there were 2 ocean cabanas open at least for our July Breeze cruise. I grabbed one. Better than not even though we are still considering the dophin island excursion. But I don’t think the older boys would like the shows etc. and they aren’t being proactive in telling us what they want to do. Therefore I thought a cabana would be better than nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. ***I should have known the answer but yes we’re fine to book it and take the younger boys they just cannot zip line. Excuse my blonde moment and question.*** 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was looking at the cabanas on Amber Cove. The pool cabanas are full but they have ocean cabanas. My bff and are are crusing with our sons. I have three sons (21, 17 & 😎she has she sons (21 & 8 ). When I tried to book the excursion online it alerted me of the two 8 year children didn’t meet the age requirement. I read that the minimum age for ziplining is 14 years of age. Which is fine there are plenty of other
  8. I have read that the minimum age for ziplining is 14 but if we have two 8 year children with us can we still book the ocean cabana even though we know they cannot zipline?
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