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  1. Be careful what you put in your valet bags- we used it from Miami in February of 2019 and our luggage was left in Miami in a warehouse. Don’t pack anything you need first thing Monday morning when reality rears it’s ugly head and you have to go back to work😞. We got our luggage delivered by Fedex on Wednesday from our Sunday flight.
  2. Great review! Great pictures! What kind of camera for the snorkel Picts?
  3. Choose the button that almost looks like a fork and knife and you get the dining options with menus
  4. Don’t forget that flavored spirits like Fireball are not bourbon, they are blended whiskey. Cruising is not the place to expect good bourbon. On our last cruise we did not upgrade to premium beverage because of the slim picking for bourbon. Once the Woodford Double began to be available we spent less than the upgrade cost per day and just paid for premium bourbon when the had it. About $2.00 a drink if I remember correctly and we came out ahead😉. For good bourbon, Kentucky is the place to vacation.
  5. Seek out the Beverage Manager and ask for Woodford Double Oak. It took three days into our August cruise, but it did appear. Haven’t been Blantons in about 5 years on a ship. 😬
  6. We have had Clickson on two cruises and he is great!
  7. I would love to have access to your map - karenmerica0512 at gmail. Thank you so much for your effort!
  8. There will be plenty more to eat if you pass on the romaine😉
  9. Really hard to read your post with that font. Hard on old eyes
  10. I am thinking that if Flights By Celebrity offered it, they will make it happen
  11. We have a flight by celebrity that does arrive in San Juan til 4:30. What can we expect?
  12. If you have the classic package and are thinking about upgrading, you should check the bourbon available before you do. Our last cruise they pulled out one bottle of Woodford Double Oak on day 5, when I complained to a beverage supervisor. It was cheaper to pay the difference for two days than to pay $12.00 plus per day for Makers, but that is my personal choice - and I have about 150 bottles or so as well😋
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