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  1. Do we know how long this "test" will run for? and is it avail now on all 3 ships? Sailing JR on Jan 23! THX
  2. We were told they were ours to keep! i think if they are monogramed they are yours! maybe a RS or CS guest can let us know....
  3. WonderMan3, you mean the ones on the balcony? YES...…… now as I posted the new "modern" look.... the 2 deep chairs are actually very comfortable, the table and 4 Chairs is weird and does not really fit! The 2 loungers are fine, but definite not "luxury" in my opinion... here is a picture of the RS next to us, 1614 i think..... the balcony... you see new white furniture.... and not even a pad on the new white lounger! The next picture is the CS to the right of us, that's 1618 I think...… again white new furniture. A NICE new touch is the monogramed robes! and you get to take them home!
  4. You wont have any issues... we just left PH on EQ yesterday... we did not book anything in advance! we LOVE Luminae so, we "wing it" based on the menus! if you have a PH you won't be told "we are full" !! If you know what you want, then as stated the shoreside Concierge is great and will arrange, or Retreat Lounge Concierge or Butler onboard can all secure for you... you will LOVE the PH on SM it is phenomenal!
  5. Here are some pics from 1616.... July 27 EQ sailing. The main changes in the actual cabin are a new sectional type couch, and living room chair... Dining table is same, bar area same, the bathroom is exactly the same, a few small minor changes such as new cotton holder! etc.... no more Bulgari 😞 now the "Bigelow" large bottles of same products that are in Concierge and I think also in Aqua! It would be nice to have Bulgari back...……. I "think" the bed was new, well mattress, it was very comfy! New balcony furniture, actually was quite comfortable. I did miss the thick padded chaise that was on the "old" balcony! Retreat Deck there have been lots of pics... way too hot to have zero water up there! They have to add showers or something, pretty much everyone we spoke to felt the same. The have very limited food options on Retreat Deck, and it looked pre made, mediocre at best... but on Cozumel day, nothing was open except the Ocean Café, or Mast Grill! the 2 other port days Sushi on 5 was opened for lunch, which was nice.. I really feel Luminae needs to be open every day for lunch, same as MSC Yacht Club.. Food and service in Luminae was phenomenal I thought, some dishes we had surpassed specialty dining in quality and presentation... they really did go above and beyond to make sure we were happy.. very impressive in Luminae. In general ship looks good and "refreshed" not the "major" changes they had planned.... but we all know that story. All in all it was a fantastic week.. PH is beautiful, but the M class PH is definitely nicer on the SM and ML and just amazing! Hope the pics help... of course, any specific questions happy to try and answer...
  6. Just got off EQ today, we were in 1616, I will come back and post my thoughts and some pics....
  7. PaulMcn

    JR Wifi quality?

    Does anyone have any recent experience with the "quality" of wifi on Journey? Booked on the Jan 23, 2020 PPT-AKL and will need to work! Have sailed AZA in the past, and seemed ok! but just had a friend on PR who said the wifi was "terrible" If anyone has any recent first had experience would be great! THX
  8. Here is the shower in AQ.. it was "ok" …. not like the ones on Solstice Class at all.... I think CEL is just downgrading! I was in an S1 on Edge and the shower was terrible...………… You can see a lot of pics from the new SM in my album... https://www.facebook.com/pg/interliner/photos/?tab=album&album_id=414815375995112
  9. YC diss embark Jan 26 in Miami, we were supposed to be out of cabins by 730am... and it's true in Miami ship has to be zero before anyone can re-board, even b2b must step off as the last people, they claim 0, then b2b can re-board.... I would think you could hang out until prob just before 10am... as it does take a while to get 5000 people off! and then transfer over to the next ship.. should be just fine.. Top Sail lounge is lovely to hang out in after bfast..
  10. Was just on Seaside Jan 19 sailing.... we paid for 1 x 6gb package in advance, which actually was good for 1 person for a week... it was possible to use 4 devices with the 6gb package.. my partner used it pretty much all week for email, social media etc and was at about 5gb by the time we got back. I purchased the unlimited plan, which is 1 device at a time, but I had to work heavily all week, internet, programs that use a lot of gb etc.. and by the time I got back had used 12gb! BUT I am a very heavy user.... must say we found the internet to be great! and I was able to work all week....
  11. wow! is that for Seaside? I dont have that option !!!!!!!
  12. Hi, anyone seen this for sale lately? it "appears" that you can buy for $199 onboard only... from the MSC website, but all references I see here are for the standard and premium packages.... that have a max GB of usage.. Anyone purchased unlimited? THX sailing on Jan 19!
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