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  1. Hope all are enjoying your cruise. We're getting ready to head for Lauderdale Monday to catch the GWV. I see that you have a land excursion in Antarctica. We'll have the same excursion on the 2020 GWV, If anyone is going on that excursion we'd be very interested in your experience and lessons learned. We'd appreciate anything you'd like to share to kstein AT digital.net or a link if anyone is blogging it. I know internet minutes are expensive so we'll owe you some minutes if we ever sail together or you can wait until you get home. After all we still have a year to plan. Safe travels.
  2. Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. It works at selected airport and cruise ports. You can Google it and get all the information and application process. You have to appear for an in-personal interview and provide barometric data. There is a cost for application and renewal. If you travel by air, international, or cruise a lot it is well worth the cost. It also ties in with TSA Pre-Check.
  3. Yes but not in all ports yet. You can check in advance for a particular port. My assumption is that it will only be in the busier ports. Port Canaveral has it as well as those listed above. But don't count on it for faster processing. Sometimes they aren't open and other times they feed people from the other lines if there aren't to many Global Entry people. But when it works it is well worth the cost.
  4. Lots of good advise. Here is a recommendation. As a suite guest you can pick the group time you want to debark with. The longest delay is finding your baggage in a large group of folks getting off at the same time, same group. Pick an early group for your luggage. Then get off when you want and collect your luggage sitting all by itself waiting for you. Once your group is called you can get off at any time after. So get tags for an 8:30 group and get off at 9:30. You should move quickly through luggage pickup and customs. For the future apply for Global Entry when you get home and get a shorter customs line (sometimes). Have a great cruise.
  5. Oh, the joys of living in Florida. All our bags arrived on Tuesday after the cruise. Best of luck in getting your bags off a US continental tour.
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