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  1. Are there any perks to booking a suite? priority boarding? tender? Etc? Thank you!
  2. We are doing a 5 day cruise to Cabo on the Miracle on Feb 6,2021. The first day in Cabo it says the ship is there from 9 to 6...second day from 7 to 4. Does the ship actually pull up anchor ( its a tender port) and go out to sea or stay right in the bay all night? If it stays do the tenders run until late in the evening? If anyone has done this cruise can you let me know? Thank you!!
  3. Doug, can you get a pic of the accessible balcony if you get a chance? Does it have a sofa too?
  4. I am so in love with the smoked peach margarita and the chili at the Q!! Doug thank you so much for all the pictures!! by FAR you are doing the best job of any blogger/TA I have seen yet on making us all feel like we are there with you!! Kudos!
  5. It was on their live facebook blog... an NCL employee confirms https://www.facebook.com/bridgesholman/?hc_location=group
  6. Someone on a live blog just posted that the Go Carts are now 20.00
  7. Cant wait to see pictures of the Galaxy Pavilion!!. I do have another question.... do the hallways to the cabins seem to be wider on this ship? The ones on the Bliss were impossibly narrow!!
  8. Doug, on the deck plan they show an additional Starbucks in the observation lounge. Is it a small kiosk?
  9. You MUST try their Smoked Peach Margarita too!!! ( I may have had one or two!) LOL
  10. The chili in the Q on the Bliss was absolutely delish!! Someone recommended it to me so I tried it and was glad I did! Looks can be deceiving!!
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