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  1. Yesterday, one month to the day after my excursions refunded, and two weeks after my FCC's posted, a really weird amount ($68.12) showed up as a credit to my Chase CC account. I am assuming that this is part of the $816.12 owed to me for TFPE ($526.12) or prepaid gratuities ($290), but will feel more comfortable if the rest shows up. I wonder if TFPE was broken up and the $68.12 is either taxes OR fees OR port expenses? July 28 UPDATE: Thanks to the folks here who suggested checking all our accounts, I woke up this morning to discover that the remaining $748 of the money owed to me was refunded overnight to an account that I had not used to pay for the TFPE or prepaid gratuities. It was an account I had used on March 2 to pay for an upgrade to a balcony (after reading the stories of those quarantined onboard in February and March), and the amount matches the amount of the upgrade. So while that was cruise fare for which I was given FCC and bonus FCC and not the TFPE and grats for which I was being refunded, at least the amount of money is correct -- and I simply turned around and transferred the money to the card that I had used to pay for the TFPE and gratuities (for my own bookkeeping purposes.) Summary of our experience: April 11 Royal Princess California Coastal received FCC's May 12 and finished refunding June 16. June 12 Star Princess Alaska received FCC's July 10 and started refunding June 26 (excursions and spa) and finished refunding July 28. Also for the record, we did not file any credit card disputes.
  2. Yesterday, one month to the day after my excursions refunded, and two weeks after my FCC's posted, a really weird amount ($68.12) showed up as a credit to my Chase CC account. I am assuming that this is part of the $816.12 owed to me for TFPE ($526.12) or prepaid gratuities ($290), but will feel more comfortable if the rest shows up. I wonder if TFPE was broken up and the $68.12 is either taxes OR fees OR port expenses?
  3. I have rarely felt less crowded than when on Royal, and embarkation is a snap with Medallions. Crown Class, while nearly as large as Royal, has added and larger public spaces, so I haven't felt crowded on that class either. So size isn't a factor for me either. Lack of a wraparound promenade is the primary drawback to Royal for any itinerary, in my opinion, and especially for Alaska where it is fun to see the beauty from all angles. Smaller balconies is the next drawback, but I get around that by studying deck plans and booking the balcony I prefer.
  4. In ham radio circles, they call us XYL's (ex-young-ladies.) But since I have just turned 61 and am 5 feet 8 inches tall, whether you think I am a Little Old Lady or an XYL is a matter of your own perspective.
  5. I see it as a new problem since the range of cancellations is so broad. That other thread is extremely long as it is -- I felt we should start one specific to the five new months of cancellations. I wish I had properly named it, however, and will bide by the moderator's decision.
  6. Assuming you are lumping Ruby and Emerald in Grand Class, one big difference between those ships an Star is that they don't have covered pools as Star does. This could be a consideration.
  7. Except that the California Coastal cities were some of the first ports to disinvite cruise ships. So seriously doubt that we will be among the first to say "come back now."
  8. We all need a MaiTai after this news 😪🍹
  9. You might want to consider which ships have indoor pools. Do any of the readers here have a link to Princess ships with indoor pools, or should we list them individually?
  10. Not all cruisers agree. I love the Royal Class ships, and would highly recommend them for nearly any itinerary.
  11. I have done a California Coastal a few times in April, and have lived in California all my life. April weather here on the Pacific coast varies greatly, but in my experience out at sea in April the weather is generally sunny and brisk and sometimes warm or hot. All year long, seas are gentle heading southbound and rougher heading northbound on the Pacific coast, due to the California Current coming over from Japan. This link shows a graphic explaining the current: https://www.sanibelseaschool.org/experience-blog/2014/4/1/what-is-the-connection-between-the-united-states-and-japan You will want to bring sweaters and jackets along with short and long sleeve shirts, both pants and shorts and plan to dress in layers but also hope for being able to wear your shorts. We do sometimes live up to the adage "April showers bring May flowers," but often have no rain at all. You will have a good chance of seeing orcas and gray whales, so I recommend whale watching excursions in Monterey or other ports. I highly recommend the California Coastal and Pacific Coastal itineraries. Our west coast towns and cities are worth a visit, and the coast is beautiful.
  12. It just makes no sense to me that Grand wouldn't be on the list of ships to scrap. Her sisters Star and Golden are more desirable due to having retained Skywalkers, the thermal suite on Star, and they are both newer. So why would Grand be kept? She has no advantages over those ships. Regal, on the other hand -- it makes absolutely no sense that she would be released from the fleet. I doubt that Pacific will be released. Many love that small ship and her special itineraries, which sell out easily even at a greater price per day.
  13. Very confusing indeed. I certainly hope that you get to the bottom of this! In looking at your mess the mess of others, it seems so odd that all of my numbers have been correct to the penny.
  14. This has been my theory for quite a while. I'm supposing my cruises in at minimum the first half of 2021 will be cancelled also 😞
  15. I am curious to hear the justification for why Grand would remain in the fleet? She, while lovely like all Princess ships, is definitely long in the tooth.
  16. You will hate the Lido forward cabins in that case. There is a lot of up and down and rocking side to side movement when the ship is sailing in rough waters. I personally love it but it won't work for you.
  17. Exactly. It seems just wrong that people would sue the cruise line after they bent over backwards, as Mr. Able said in his regular updates.
  18. ChaserX posted a picture of the metal railing in post #2, above. Skywalk is mid ship, forward cabins are forward. On windy days and actually pretty much any time you are sailing at speed, if you open the door to a forward balcony, a wind tunnel effect causes wind all the way down the hallways. So most captains disallow usage of those balconies when sailing.
  19. The obstructed view balconies on Royal Class ships are probably the best deal in the cruise industry, due to their pricing and generally larger balconies than standard balconies (and larger than the mini-suites which have tiny balconies on those ships.) You should know that a forward facing balcony may well be unusable when sailing, especially under windy conditions. For this reason I prefer the deck 8 obstructed view balconies, which are all on the side of the ship.
  20. Before I decided to only book balconies due to the current situation, I stayed in L104 many times when sailing Ruby and Crown, which has the same layout as Caribbean for that part of the ship. I absolutely adore that cabin, as it is really large and spacious and I love the layout, and is a great deal price-wise. The bathroom is in the leg of the cabin aft of the main part, the cabinets are against the port side wall, so that opens up the main part of the room to make it large and open feeling. Be warned that the other three cabins are *much* smaller. L101 looks reasonably sized from the deck plans but it is tiny, tiny, tiny! Barely enough room to walk around the bed, I believe smaller than the inside cabins on that deck. I was shocked when I booked it for my daughter, expecting a larger cabin from the deck plan. L102 is smaller yet, and I am not sure about L103. That said, there is no noise in that of the ship. Views are nice if you stand up and look over the deck railing in front of the cabins. There is movement in rough waters, but that is not a personal concern of mine.
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