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  1. On Friday I received an upgrade notice from Princess. My cruise is a 10 day reposition cruise Nov. 5 from NYC to the Caribbean.They moved me from an inside to a Deluxe obstructed balcony mid forward. I was happy after I saw the location and what the room should look like. Sali
  2. email Jan Schwartz the CEO. I did that a month ago and I got a response from a staff member in her office. The response came back in days after she investigated my concern. Sali
  3. Last year we were supposed to stop at Princess Cays but it was too windy for the tenders. We got a small credit on the account. I was appreciative but can't remember the amount since it was small. Sali
  4. Hi Suejoe , I hope all is well with you.Jane had told me you were on this cruise. It seems to be very quiet. Are any of the veterans of this sailing doing any planning ? I know three other couples who are planning on doing this cruise again. In December I was on the b2b Sky Inaugurals . I love the ship and some of the changes. I never liked the fountains on the Lido deck. At night when they were supposed to do the fountain and light show they weren't able to do it. Wind and the boat moving lots of water spraying was going on. Please get my email from Jane . I wanted to ask you a few things. Sali
  5. I was on the Dec. 4,2019 Inaugural Sky Princess cruise. Our roll call was extremely active. We had 86 pages, 2,144 replies and 37,807 views. Our unique problem was because we had a short Inaugural cruise there was no time for an M & G. However, many of us always congregate on the Lido aft area at the sail away. We were looking forward to meeting the people we had been conversing with for over a year. The sail away was the only opportunity to get together. All was going well until we started to gather and we were greeted by yellow barriers and an army of waiters all decked out and waiting for the guests which we weren't part of. The sign said "Private Party ". At that point we had no place to go. If my friend Cruise Critic host Carolyn reads this, so sorry we couldn't meet up. The Naming Ceremony was awesome. The whole thing was very classy and the Godmothers were well deserved with their massive accomplishments. We walked to the main dining roomful the Gala luncheon. The food was outstanding. Our Dec.7 Sky cruise was excellent.It starts with the great Captain Tuvo and staff. I figure this could happen again but maybe not a private party but maybe rain. So prior to the cruise there should be a second meeting place planned. Carolyn, if you read this I sure hope our paths will cross again. Some of us are hoping to be on the Enchanted Feb. 20, 2021. Also plans for NYC SKY repo Nov. 5 for 10 days to the Carib and end in FLL. Sali
  6. h-sar, Thanks for all your reporting. I was on the Dec. 4 and Dec 7 Sky. I spoke to Capt. Tuvo and he said he will be on the ship for 3 months, then the other Captain will be back on while he is on vacation. I am hoping he will be on the Sky for 10 day reposition cruise from NYC to the Carib. Nov.5 2020. With all the pictures you take you would enjoy the sail away out of the Brooklyn Red Hook. When you approach the Verranzano Narrows Bridge and go under the bridge it looks like the top of the ship is going to be cut off. As you are about to go under the bridge everybody looks aims their camera up toward the underside of the bridge and take pictures. I also love the Static band. The December cruise was the third time I had seen them and they are awesome.. I wonder if they are going to rotate back and forth from the Sky and Carib Princess. Beside the Nov. 5th cruise on the Sky, I have been looking for the end of March. The airfare to Fort Lauderdale is $ 800 for me. I figure they arguing to have to lower the prices since the airplanes that I have looked at are empty. Sali
  7. Pam, Glad to see your post and all is okay. I am sure you are going like the Sky. I was on the b2b Inaugurals to the U.S. Between the 2 cruises they had the naming ceremony and Gala luncheon.They also introduced the new Captain. They had VIP's,media , travel agents and cruisers. They put the names of the b2b cruisers in a lottery and luckily 4 friends and myself were picked. It was a beautiful, classy event.I think you are going to like the ship. I never liked the fountains on the Lido on the Royal and Regal. It was wasted space. The fountains were useless at night. Between the moving ship and the wind, they were rarely even on. Having the two pools in the middle was much improved. Captain Tuvo is wonderful. He is very visible and attentive to all details. I bumped into him many times. Enjoy your cruise ! Sali
  8. I am glad EZCheck is back. I actually do check the second day of the cruise for EZ Check. I also bring an extra copy of flight itinerary. They need the week to co-ordinate with the airlines. I like that they get the boarding passes for you. Thanks for the update. Sali
  9. I was on the Sky Princess b2b in December and flew home Dec.14, 2019. I use EZCheck on a regular basis. During the beginning of my second week when no paper work came I went to guest services. I was told that EZCheck was handled by a third party not Princess and they weren't set yet for the season. I said it was December and we were already in the season. When you board the ship, go right to guest services and ask them. I wouldn't bother calling Princess stateside since they really don't know the details the ship knows and I have been given wrong answers in the past. Sali
  10. h-sar, Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures. I was on the Dec.4 and Dec.7 Inaugurals. I have been on cruises near Christmas a few times. What has happened in the past was when the ships docked in FLL, a team boarded the ship with trees and decorations . They did a great job of decorating the ship. Then the team left before we sailed out of FLL. This time it was much different. I don't know if it is a new system or just because so much was going on between the two cruises. Because there were a lot of people doing the b2b.The naming of the ship ceremony , speeches and entertainment was quite the production in the Princess theater. VIP's, media and travel agents were invited to the ceremony. For those passengers on both the above cruises , they did a lottery and some friends and myself were lucky enough to be selected. We were the last group to disembark and then we went to the Princess theater. The people who were going to board knew there would be a delay of a few hours . After we had the ceremony and then escorted to the Gala luncheon in the MDR, was when the cruisers were allowed to board. At this point no holiday decorations were put up . The next morning about 6:30 am I walking through the piazza and headed to the gym. I noticed workers in green t-shirts who had been working through the night putting up decorations. It was fun watching new things being put up every day and night. I was not aware of something else that was happening on a few other Princess ships. Some people bought little plastic ducks from Oriental Trading company and placed them in different areas of the the ship. The idea was to have your picture taken with the duck, post it and you hide it for someone else to find it. My friend found a duck. I looked all the time but I didn't find any. But I will look into buying some myself. Enjoy the Sky Princess. I did and looking for a quick return to the ship. Sali
  11. I just saw this article about flooding at the FLL airport today ( Dec. 23.) Glad I didn't have that experience . My 14 + hour return to Syracuse was bad enough. Sali https://www.yahoo.com/gma/storms-causing-travel-headaches-both-coasts-ahead-christmas-115600996--abc-news-topstories.html?err=404&err_url=https%3a%2f%2fsports.yahoo.com%2fnews%2fyogi-berra-funeral-televised-yankees-tv-network-111329296--spt.html
  12. If you use bar soap, I suggest you bring your own. They now have a bottle of liquid soap and hand lotion by the sink. I just sailed b2b on the Sky in Dec. didn't have bar soap and I believe that is the case on all Princess ships. I bring my own shampoos, soap and lotions. Sali
  13. I just sailed b2b on the Sky Princess Inaugurals in Dec. and it was on the menu . The twice bake goat cheese soufflé was delicious as usual. Sali
  14. You will enjoy the Canadian Rockies. I loved it out there. I don't need to go to cold climate I am already there. This morning it was 8 degrees with - 2 degrees windchill. I have had much lower temps but still a big drop from the Carib. Glad you will be on the Sky again. I want to head back also before my Nov. 5 2020 10 day repo cruise out of NYC to the Carib. on the Sky. What date are you going to Copenhagen ? Enjoy the holidays ! Sali
  15. Hello to all of you. I enjoyed interacting with you prior to the cruises on CC, meeting you on the Sky and attending the M& G. What a friendly, caring group ! While I already knew people prior to the cruises, I loved adding new people I now consider friends. What was so unusual was the willingness of all to share knowledge and news. We were all looking for price drops and those who noticed it first posted for all to take advantage of. No matter where I went I found friendly people. Whether I met you at zumba, line dancing, or dancing at night to the live band. I loved stopping by and talking to you and sharing a meal. I miss seeing you daily.I hope our paths will cross again. If you see me posting on CC, chime in on that roll call and tell me about your future cruises. While we experienced a few negatives along the way but the positives far outweighed any negatives. I wished Princess had let us know they made the Wakeview bar area into private area for Cruise Planners at sail away. Then Dec.4th roll call had no place to meet and no more days to meet. Since I returned home, we have had snow, wind and cold with more to come.Besides going to the Y daily, shoveling snow is helping me burn more calories of the few pounds I gained on the cruise. Sali
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