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  1. We have been to Old San Juan many times as a cruise port. We have walked the shops, done the forts, been to Bacardi tour. It is always our least favorite island. I know lots of people love the island. This time we are cruising out of San Juan on the Freedom of the Seas. We are flying in the afternoon prior to our cruise, as well as flying out the day after our cruise so we will have lots of time to see other parts of the island. I am looking for suggestions on where to stay, and places not to miss. We are not usually into tours and like to do our own thing. One family member does have
  2. @coontech this sounds exactly like the day we have planned. We booked the pricate/freestyle tour with Rony's and told them we want to visit maniwaki and bananarama. Do they (rony's) book those activities for us? Do they even need to be booked in advance? How crowded were the two places you visited? Was the beach gorgeous?
  3. On a Facebook cruising board I belong a conversation came up about island parents felt unsafe on. Roatan keeps getting mentioned. I booked a private tour with Rony's and plan to go to Manawaki Park and Bananarama. Now I am wondering if we are going to regret getting off the boat. I have never not explored a port.
  4. FloatMe we are two separate reservations that have been linked to sit together at dinner.
  5. Any chance bananarama would be full if we just showed up there late morning? We have booked private tour with Rony's and told them we would like to do Manawaki Park and Bananarama. DO they book it for us?
  6. There are 6 of us traveling together and we would prefer to have . dining table just ourselves. We have late seating. Can we request that somewhere online ahead of time, or just wait until we board?
  7. We have one booked. How is the beach area there? Is it similar to Columbus Cove on Labadee? calm, clear water, not rocky? Is it super crowded? How close/far are the cabanas to the water? I understand we have a waiter with our cabana. Does he/she wait on many other cabanas as well? Do they bring lunch to us? If not how far is the buffet?
  8. What does the lunch include? Can you get more than one appitizer? Is the plank for multiple people?
  9. We fly in to West Palm Airport the day before cruise. We land at 5pm. We booked The Hilton Blue Lagoon in Miami that night. They have parking for $21 night. They have a Hertz in their lobby. They offer a shuttle to port miami for $13 per person. There are 6 adults. option A) We can rent a hertz mini van near west palm airport and return it the next morning right at our hotel for $85. We would then have to pay $21 to park it (hert is closed at 5pm and doesn't reopen until 9am at the hotel so we can't return it when we arrive). We would have to pay $13 per person for the shuttle
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