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  1. Thank you both for you information. Our wonderful TA is moving us to the other side of the ship. The chair scrapping was also a concern but having asthma smoke is a serious issue for me. HGC your spreadsheet is amazing! I did go through it first before I posted my question. We are very excited for our first cruise on Azamara! Thank you HGC & SteveH2508!
  2. I have a question regarding the cabins below the smoking area on deck 9 on the Quest - Is there a constant downdraft of smoke or does Azamara have a venting system above the tables? Thank you all for your help!
  3. We were in MP in 2016 and I have asthma. I agree that you should check with your own doctor about any health issues you may have before you go. We were a party of four, two of us had issues and two did not but not bad enough to require medical intervention. We did bring an over the counter Altitude Sickness med which worked for the two of us. We planned for a week to explore not only Machu Picchu (amazing!) but the surrounding countryside. The best thing we did was contract with Kuoda Travel to take care of us for the week. Our fantastic guide Katarina made sure our pace never stressed me at anytime. We did climb above MP for the amazing view/photos and a history lesson from Katarina while we rested. In Cusco we did pay for extra oxygen to be pumped into our room and we slept very well. We felt better the next day in Cusco as we walked around. Once we descended down into the Sacred Valley we were fine. We skipped the alcohol and kept ourselves hydrated. Drink only bottled water and wash your hands thoroughly. The food in Peru is fabulous! Go Bucks you will have an amazing adventure!
  4. Being a fellow Gearhead I have enjoyed your post! We will be on the PG for the first time in September and will be packing similar items but split between our carry ons. I have a Monkey Mat instead of the sand blanket. We are leaving our fins home as DH's fins take up a lot of room in the suitcase but will bring masks & snorkels. Ditto on the small roll of duct tape plus a roll velcro. We will have two cameras both waterproof and have decided to leave the big camera home. We will be sitting in the front of the plane as the other seats do not have room for DH's poor knees so we are ok on baggage fees. We have a packable backpack that we use for excursions. Well I pack it and DH wears it! I too will love to hear what worked, didn't work and wasn't used! Thank you for sharing!
  5. It's a beautiful drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is amazing! It can be a lovely meandering drive if you are not in a hurry. Enjoy the awesome views! Sorry didn't mean hijack the thread (oops)
  6. Are you driving down the California coast or down the middle on the I-5?
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