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  1. I think it was more than 20% for me. It was way better than booking it on my own
  2. Cruise Date-March 31 Cruise Cancellation March 11 by Uniworld Refund request date-Uniworld initially offered a FCC when all this started before they "officially" cancelled cruise. I took a FCC on 3/9 minus the $450 airline penalty. They cancelled on 3/11 and on 3/13 read here on cc that they were giving refunds. So I went ahead and called on 3/14 and to see if I could switch from FCC to refund and they said yes-and refunding the $450 plus cost of the insurance. Resolution-I was told 4 different time frames for refunds (called/emailed several times) I was always told it's in the queue but couldn't tell me anything else. Uniworld sent the refund on 4/30 to cc and it posted to my account 6 days later on 5/6 (just today I found out about the refund). It was 100% refund with no airline penalties.
  3. OMG!! My full refund just posted to my CC!!!! So relieved. It looks like uniworld sent it to cc 3/30 and it took cc 6 days to post. In took 7 1/2 weeks for a refund. I think since my cruise was very close to when all the cancellations started 3/31 and our “official” date of cancellation was 3/17. Uniworld was changing their policies on the fly and it depended who you talked with what you were told (refund/FCC/rebook). I booked airfare with them and they didn’t even charge $450 fee and my parents received their insurance costs back.
  4. It's isn't just Viking. I book with Uniworld and am on day 42 waiting on my refund. I've been told 4 different time frames for my refund (2 wks/3-4 wks/4-6 wks and finally 6-8 wks). I think all companies are holding on to peoples money, My cruise was supposed to have been on 3/31. I feel like since my cruises was one of the first cruises of the season and the earliest to be impacted I think I should have been refunded sooner. Apparently Uniworld doesn't feel the same lol I'll wait the 8 weeks and will call again. If I get the run-around I will just dispute it with my credit card.
  5. I was supposed to sail with Uniworld on 3/31 so I was to be on a early season cruise. For a 2-3 week period when all of this started their policies changed every few days. They first came out with you can cancel for a FCC and the $450 airline penalty (this was before any cruise had been cancelled by any cruise company)-. I did this since I was going with my parents on 3/9. On 3/11 Uniworld canceled all cruises into sometime is April (don't remember exact date). I thought since I already cancelled with a FCC I didn't think I could get a refund. So a few days later someone on these boards said they were getting a refund. On 3/14 I called Uniworld (I booked via a TA but since I already cancelled the cruise and was told after 3 days I can directly talk with Uniworld)-the agent said since the FCC hasn't been issued that I can get a refund and not be charged the $450 airline penalty and my parents would get the cost of the uniworld insurance back. So my "official" date of cancellation was 3/17 per Uniworld. Now I put in these dates because since this was a moving target and Uniworld didn't have a grip on things. I think once they saw how this was evolving that they put the breaks on refunds (which I don't see how they can legally do). It's been 5 1/2 weeks and have yet to see a refund and have been told 4 different time frames-but every time I call to get a update I'm told I'm getting a refund. I asked the last time the exact amount and it lines up with what I paid. I did that because they are on a recorded line and if I have any trouble it's recorded. So, in my opinion-I don't see legally how they can keep anyones money if Uniworld cancels the cruise.
  6. I booked with a TA but once I cancelled I have been able to talk directly with uniworld. My flights were with BA and have been told that I don't have to pay the $450 penalty. I wonder if it depends when you cancelled and with Uniworld changing their policies on the fly. Or it is normally a $450 fee and that's what the TA is quoting you. Did you ask your TA to ask Uniworld if the penalty is waived or are they really charging you the fee? My TA told me the same but when I actually talked to Uniworld myself they said no penalty.
  7. I decided to call to check up on my refund. Still told that I'm getting a full refund but now it is taking 6-8 weeks. And they are supposedly going by date of cancellation. They sure will take your money quickly but will make you wait to get it back. I cancelled on 3/14.
  8. This is what I was told by Uniworld (who knows if it is correct since I haven't seen a refund). Initially since I was supposed to be on a early season cruise and they hadn't started to outright cancel cruises yet-they were saying you could cancel for a FCC minus the $450 airline ticket penalty. So I went ahead and did this. 2 days later they completely cancelled. I called and was able to change from a FCC to a refund and was told I won't have to pay the $450 penalty and would also be refund the cost of Uniworld insurance. So, if you see a flight that I think it is safe to assume that you airfare was ticketed. I cancelled before the 3/27 update when their terms said a full refund if they cancel the cruise.
  9. I'm going to give them a little more time. If I don't have a refund by 6 weeks than I'm do the same thing with my cc.
  10. I'm assuming tickets are issued if your able to log into your airline account and the flights are there.
  11. No we haven't either. I was initially told it would be 2 weeks-than 3-4 weeks and than 4-6 weeks. It's been 4 1/2 weeks. I'm trying to be patient but with their ever changing "policies" I'm hoping they will issue a refund like I was told. I have nothing in writing only verbally over the phone. My cruise was scheduled to leave on 3/31.
  12. That's the main reason I refuse to book with Viking. The don't have a product or prices that are better the the other players to justify their payment policy. I take my money elsewhere. My parents have friends who book with viking because they booked a "sale". Viking is like mattress stores-when are mattresses or Viking "not" on sale lol
  13. When it all started to evolve-I initially cancelled and was going to get a FCC and take the $450 air penalty. They completely cancelled the cruise 2 days later. I thought I wasn't eligible for a refund but read here on CC that someone was going to get a refund. So I called Uniworld and was told that I can have a cash refund instead of a FCC. So, since this was a unprecedented event-Uniworld was scrambling during this time and changed policies several times and Uniworld didn't really have a grip on things. I think they have changed their policy for what it's going to be now. In my opinion if you are in a penalty period anyway-I would wait to cancel and see if Uniworld cancels the cruise. I really don't see leagally how they can keep your money if they cancel the cruise.
  14. I cancelled on 3/14-after they announced that my cruise had been cancelled (before the above change) since my cruise was to leave on 3/31. I guess that's why I'm getting a refund.
  15. I'm supposed to be getting a full refund. I called 2 days ago to check on the status. The uniworld person I spoke with says my refund is in the accounting queue. I ask him the exact amount I was getting back and it was the correct amount. He said it will take 4-6 weeks. It's been 2 1/2. But I'm anxiously awaiting the credit back to my cc.
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