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  1. Rather than giving everyone an individual thank you Iam giving everyone a "LIKE" click. After reading the above posts we are going to just stay put where we are at. Which is Mid-Ship in a Signature Suite which is 294 square feet.
  2. Hello KAZU; First of all "THANK YOU" for your speedy reply. The ship is the Zuiderdam and the ship leaves out of Quebec City this coming Monday the 16th. It stops thru out eastern Canada and then onto Boston and the last stop is New York City. We have a cabin mid ship starboard side and was offered an "Upgrade" but Iam quite "hesitant" staying in a cabin that is "literally" on the back of the ship. What about the "SmokeStack Fumes"???? Common sense tells me that it could be a "Potential Issue" and Iam very sensitive to those nasty fumes. We like to sit out on the "Balcony" as thats part of the enjoyment of cruising.
  3. I was wondering if any of you world travelers have ever had a Suite on the "Back of the Ship"??? I have "always" cruised starboard side and always mid ship. Recently we had a chance to Upgrade from a nice cabin to a suite but it was completely on the back of the ship. Here are my 3 major concerns: Will the 3 big Smokestacks spew diesel fumes onto the Verandah??? Diesel fumes literally make me sick. 2. Will the ride back there be quite "Bumpy" compared to Mid-Ship??? 3. Is it worth the extra money??? Never traveled on the back of the ship ever before. We've done about 15 cruises but my old partner who was a true world traveler always said mid ship starboard side and away from the elevators is the way to go. Unfortunately he died so I can't call him for his advice anymore.
  4. Just trying to connect with any nice folks who are doing the cruise out of Quebec City on Sept. 15 to Sept. 27th. Iam getting excited and hoping for lots of fun and good experiences. How much Canadian money should I take for the days on the shore excursions??? Iam thinking I won't need a huge amount of money but would love your opinion. Any words of advice or wisdom on the "Do's and Don'ts" will be appreciated.
  5. Is anyone doing the Zuiderdam on Sept. 15th to Canada??? It leaves Quebec City and then returns to New York City on Sept. 27th. It has many really nice stops. If anyone is going on this we are a couple in the mid 60's and would love to hear from you. Also if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom we would love to hear from you. I know its going to be chilly up there so we plan on bringing good quality hoodies and caps, etc etc.
  6. Hello everyone again; I just would like to again say after getting back home an looking at a final analysis of all my expenditures there really is nothing cheap about cruising. Of course the words "Good Value" are thrown around all over the place. But again, I spent over $8,500 for the 10 day cruise including everything. NOW, before you say "Oh you can't count all the discretionary spending". I say "WHY NOT"????? Almost all of a persons so called "discretionary spending" was "essential" or we couldn't have gone. From the airfare, to the hotel the day before to the insurance protection to the built in tips, etc etc. Even the shore excursions. If you aren't going to go on a shore excursion they WHY EVEN GO AT ALL????? Actually in my assessment I had forgotten about them so need to add in another $800. So our final tab is around $9,300 or $930 per day. Not exactly inexpensive. Luckily like many others out there I was really "BLESSED" with a great paying job that I had for 37 1/2 years so I can afford these things. But when I think about many many other folks who are NOT BLESSED with a great job well then it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to spend $9,300 on a 10 day vacation. It would be a trip to Worlds of Fun for the weekend or a driving trip up to the Badlands for them. So all in all we did have a really nice time, met lots of really nice people, enjoyed the food 80% of the time etc etc etc. Yes, I would love it if they would truly fix the horrible TV channels and get their Internet up to Par but it is what it is as my wife always says. We are going to do the Canadian Trip of 13 days on the Zuider Puppy in Sept. and we'll be fine. Plus that room is 294 sq. feet instead of the 225 sq. feet that we had on the Veendam. And last but not least I still say that OlsSalt is an employee for H A L as Iam "reading between the line" now but he is clearly biased towards HAL and there obviously has to be a reason why. Happy Sailing to All. See you up on the Lido for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  7. Thank You Kazu for your reply. From what I can tell by the posts and the size of our room on the Zuiderdam I think we are going to be OK. I have talked at great length to my wife about our upcoming cruise on the Zuiderdam to Canada (13 days) in Sept. and she still wants to go. So I subscribe to the philosophy of "HAPPY WIFE--HAPPY LIFE". LOL Plus we are getting a completely free drink package of up to 15 drinks per day so I probably won't remember any dissapointments that took place. Ha Ha LOL again.
  8. Hello icancal; How are you??? I agree with your post 100%. As I now reflect back on this cruise ( we were on the Veendam from the 4th to the 14th) we did have a really nice times. If God came down and said "Hey Chuck, I'll let you change just 2 things for your next cruise so let me know what you want???" I would say "Hello my Dear Lord, well since you asked the 2 things would be just these two things---" A Bigger Room" and "Many more TV channels to watch". Thats it Lord. I know the room thing can be solved with what they call "More Money" but the TV thing can't and won't be changed as the crew members told me they don't want you in your room "watching TV" because then you are not up in the Lounge or Casino spending your hard earned dollars. Like you said earlier its all about the "MARKETING". LOL
  9. Hi Kazu; Me again. Yes, we are in a SY on the Navigation Deck #8. I think we'll be OK. One last thing (maybe 2) I really wish HAL would offer more channels on their TV system. The offerings truly suck. They really do. And lastly its a shame that their internet service is so horrible too. I really enjoy checking me emails ( I get well over 100 per day) and about 10 other sites daily and its almost impossible as its either down or incredibly S L O W. Yes, I typed that to make a point!!!!! LOL
  10. KAZU; I owe you a "BIG THANK YOU" my friend. I have NEVER heard of "Halfacts.com". I just went there and looked at the rooms on the Navagation Deck #8. I couldn't find our particular room but I found a room literally right next door. It looks much bigger than our room on the Veendam. Its 294 sq. feet VS 225 sq. feet on the Veendam. So again, I do want to say Thank You to you. Happy Sailing to you.
  11. Oh Contrare contrare Despegue; Maybe you are European and used to living in a small hut. We are NOT. We had exactly 225 square feet and YES by all means it felt just like being squeezed in a "SARDINE CAN" in oh so many ways. The bathroom almost made me CLAUSTROPHOBIC. SERIOUSLY, it was really TEENY TINY. Two very small glass shelves on the right wall. One lavatory and one shower overhanging the tub. When I sat on the stool my RIGHT KNEE ACTUALLY HIT AGAINST THE TUB. NOW Despegue you can call it what you want "but thats small" by my way of thinking. Then we will move onto the little 23" computer sized TV that got 6 channels of which 3 were ships channels that you NEVER watch. They got ESPN and 2 other channels. One for the DEMOCRATS (MSNBC) and one for the Republicans (FOX NEWS) and thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty pathetic in all honesty. I stubbed my toe several times in the night getting up to go to the bathroom. The sofa was a very small well worn loveseat not really a sofa which was ok but certainly nothing special. We are probably going on the Zuiderdam in SEPT. of this year and HAL tells me our room on this one is 294 square feet with a separate shower and 2 lavatorys plus a nice 55" TV in the room. So with the free drink package that we are getting we'll probably go but I do have up until June 30th to make the "FINAL DECISION". In other words I can get a FULL REFUND up until that date. Thanks for your input but we'll just have to disagree on the sardine cans. LOL
  12. Hi DougMacP; THANK YOU A MILLION for your reply. In Newport my wife signed us up for "The Cliff Walk & The Breakers Tour". I almost always let her pick what she want to do as I usually don't care as long as we are having a good time. She wants to do the Salem Witch Museum in Boston as well. We signed up for excursions in every port. Have NOT SIGNED up for anything yet in Quebec City and yes we are going in a day early. What would you suggest in Quebec City??? Iam not sure I want to cancel this cruise as I got the completely FREE DRINK PACKAGE as a BONUS so there's a pretty good chance I will NOT be canceling it.
  13. Thank You for the kind words Mickb. I appreciate that. I did not complain about the price of the laundry by the way. But I will say its a little bit like DISNEY. They have a "Captive Audience" and they certainly do take advantage of the situation. But before somebody comes out with a new attack, YES, I fully knew that going into the situation. I think anymore what Iam looking at is the Total Cost including everything and if it is a good value or not. There is nothing low cost about cruising and while it is fun and enjoyable a person has to look carefully at everything and see if its really worth it to them.
  14. Key Word being "FROM" $1,899. We paid $5,450 for the 2 of us. I learned that they charge by location and sometimes you can move back a couple of cabins and save a few hundred dollars. All kinds of "little tricks" they play on you. I asked a employee on the ship "why do we only get about 6 TV channels and 4 of them are worthless"??? She said the "Honest Answer" is they don't want you to spend anytime in your room watching TV as they want you out on the ship spending money in the bar or the casino. Like Old Steve Martin in the movie called The Jerk " Ah its a profit deal"!!!!!!! LOL again. I don't want to hurt your feelings OlsSalt but we actually had a pretty NICE TIME all things considered. It was great to get away from our city and the hustle and bustle of the traffic and we did indeed meet lots of really great people from all over the country including lots of Canadians. My wife even exchanged phone numbers from a nice couple from Philly and we may cruise in the future with them. So all was not for naught.
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