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  1. It was a story within an email from CC. I think it was a story about packing - but it was a number of years ago. I have been searching but cannot find it. Given the title I assume this forum may have been created from that story?? My recall (which may or may not be accurate) is that they had the adjoining cabin for the luggage!
  2. I have read that story of the lady with the 12 bags - amazing. You deserve a medal for 8. This is probably a stupid question but hey I have to ask! Which airline do you use that allows 8 bags???? and more importantly how do you handle getting them all from one place to another e.g. to/from airport, to/from hotels and ship. Must be a nightmare.
  3. The Sun is/was our home port ship in Brisbane so I assume the announcement means our 3 x Jan/Feb 21 cruises out of Brisbane are gone and there will be nothing to replace them. For season 2021-22 we have the Coral Princess arriving to home port in Brisbane and we are on it out of San Pedro 29 Sept for a Hawaii, Tahiti and Trans Pacific via NZ.
  4. I used the word sold above. That was incorrect. I should have said leased to as the Japan Grace releases says they have chartered it.
  5. The following is available online https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23509-peace-boat-to-modernize-cruise-fleet-with-newer-ship.html Nice picture of the Sun Princess. This probably confirms that the info above is correct and the Sun has been sold to Japan Grace. So our 3 cruises booked on the Sun are either going to be cancelled or will have a ship change? I think cancelled. So I assume that the info re the Sea is also correct and our 3 on her will go the same way
  6. As an Elite maybe consider contacting Princess and get a personal Cruise Consultant. Ours sent us the Australian 2020-2021 sailing details/brochure on 3rd September. We worked our what we were interested in, discussed what we wanted to book, cabin details etc so at 09:30 yesterday the confirmation emails came through - all booked. You can still book stuff through a TA if you want - but I never do. I have her direct contact details and she can match/or beat anything I see advertised - and I get hundreds of deals from TAs sent to me.
  7. Guess I should have added that those of us who are holding bookings through Jan-April 2021 its only a matter of time before we get the cancellation notice. Sea Princess also not likely to be coming to Australia to complete its 2020-21 season??????? Thats 7 more we have booked that will be added to the 'cancelled pile
  8. For those waiting for Sun Princess cruises for 2021-22 to appear your wait will likely be long OR you could put in a bit to buy it. For Sale for only US$170M and it has been stripped of all its Princess Livery https://commercial.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-cruise-ship/584501
  9. Thanks so much for the video - brilliant. Now we only have to wait until 19th January 2021 for our turn on Coral to Antarctica - Mmmmm!
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