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  1. Looking for great restaurant ideas near the Bermuda cruise port (Kings wharf). thanks
  2. I agree...in time there will be no or limited smoking on the ships.....I remember when one could smoke on a plane....I also remember years back our cruise cabin neighbors smoking in their cabin....a couple years later these folks were banished to their balcony...now all that is out....when Maryland implemented its smoking ban, they said bar revenue would get demolished with the smoking ban.....they were surprised after year one that revenue went up....the challenge for casinos is that there literally is an addictive link between the two...many gamblers smoke....I don't know how this travels to cruise casinos as many of these casino folks are casual gamblers vs more hard core Vegas types. Perhaps I have that wrong, people go on a cruise to mainly focus on gambling like tons of people who say go to Vegas simply to gamble. I do understand and support smokers and believe they should have a venue to do so that is safe for those that want nada to do with it. Hearing some ships have separate casino areas for smokers and non sounds like a solution. Last time I cruised Carnival, they had smoking and non smoking bars near the pool yet the non smoking bar was never open which was nonsense. At least it was outside. I suspect the ability to smoke on a cruise ship will continue to erode and/or managed more effectively. Until then I support all who are respective on both sides.
  3. Doesn't make sense for sure. Carnival seems to have these logical disconnects sometimes. Shouldn't be that difficult.
  4. Smart question asked about whether or not the casino would make more money if they banned smoking. I suspect they know that answer as does Vegas, thus it continues. I have no problem with it in fact it will for sure keep me out of the casino while I might go there otherwise, so it is helpful. I just wish they had better ventilation to deal with it. I assume Disney doesn't allow smoking...not sure...they don't have casinos neither. Seems like there are fewer and fewer places to smoke on board than before which is ideal. The market will decide at the end of the day.
  5. Sailing on Sunrise in late June. From other 7 to 8 night cruisers what does the fitness class offerings look like on the ship: spin, yoga, Zumba, other? My wife is a fitness instructor and will be most interested. What is the typical cost per? Are any free? I see you can pre-buy some class packages (like 3 as an example) and want to array this soon enough. Also do they have them every day including port days or just sea days? Are they in the am only or are some in the afternoon too? Appreciate any details you may have. thanks a ton!
  6. Need actual user experience.....How does this work? Is it tied to your cabin? How many devices can you have tied to it? Is it per cabin or per device? Example - you bring your smart phone and a laptop. Can you connect both or do they charge you per device? My guess is you get a login and you can connect one device at a time...hard to find details and really want actual user experiences......thanks
  7. My Aunt and Uncle went on a CCL based cruise line once and none of their checked luggage ever showed up in their room. It was never, ever found. After they checked it in at the cruise port it somehow got lost. They had a few things in the carry on and the ship gave them a few hundred to buy some clothes on the ship etc. They mainly laughed and adapted yet they were unimpressed with the whole situation. They got some coin back when they returned related to their trip insurance. My liked that in ports she could shop yet they also had to buy suitcases to bring it home too. S__t happens. Lesson learned to always cruise with the trip insurance which luckily they had done.
  8. Exactly - Look at CCL's earnings per share trend over the past few years. Effectively doubled compared to 3 years ago. Full disclosure I own CCL stock and while the stock price is sort of down/flat over that time, earnings per share have doubled. That is mainly driven out of increasing "on-board spending" or their tie to off ship spending such as cruise related excursions etc. HMC is effectively an extension of a Carnival cruise ship. By not allowing Cheers to cover HMC drinks, they are increasing per passenger revenue. Look at what Royal is building with "Perfect Day at coco cay". Big bucks from Royal from their passengers. Carnival must hate Jack's shack at Grand Turk. This is why I laughed.
  9. Love Carnival yet I laughed when thinking that cheers covered drinks at HMC.
  10. During embarkation are there alternates to the masses of people at the Lido buffet? Any place else to grab some food away from Lido deck? Will be on Sunrise on 6/24/19. Looking for secrets from the savvy Carnival folks. Thanks
  11. Saw this title and was curious. No 2:1 on BlackJack? What do they do on soft 17? What other house edge add-ons are there?
  12. Smart! Stay away from the so called smart phones!
  13. Cool. See you on board!!! For Bermuda which beach do you recommend? Any beyond Horseshoe as I know the whole ship goes there. Also think a Norwegian ship is there then as well. Thanks
  14. Few were formal wear (tuxes) these days on the Carnival elegant nights. Many dress in suits and dresses or a sportscoat. Some also elect to dress smart casual too (Khakis and nice shirt, etc). I did sail Celebrity and there were more men in tuxes on chic night for sure than Carnival's elegant night. Wonder what Holland does these days? Just depends on your approach to such things these days.
  15. Last week I booked the June 24th sailing to Bermuda/Grand Turk. Woohoo!
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